Tuesday, 10 October 2017

What is HackWarri?

HackWarri is the city of Warri’s novel hackathon. What then is a hackathon?

The word hackathon is from two words, #Hacking, Yes the same Hacking, why’s your face like that, the word sounds scary, right? Don’t worry; it’s not that type of hacking and marathon.

Hack + athon = Hackathon.

 “A hackathon, hackfest or codefest, is an event where programmers meet to do collaborative computer programming and create usable software that meets needs or solves a problem.”

HackWarri like every other Hackathon is a fast paced contest event which will last for three days, in which a selected number of people collaborate to improve upon or build a computer program, a usable software, app or web app around the HackWarri’s theme.  Warri’s first Hackathon is with the theme: CREATE MOBILE OR WEB APPS FOR SOLVING IMPORTANT SOCIAL/ BUSINESS PROBLEMS IN WARRI.
It’s Powered People’s expectation that HackWarri provides an avenue for self-expression and creativity through technology for Ethical Hackers, Creatives, Tech enthusiasts, Business developers, Super heroes, Developers (beginners and intermediates), Innovators, Students, Graphic designers, UI and UX experts etc, from the various ethnic and technical backgrounds in the city as they come together to form a team around a problem or idea, and collaboratively code a unique solution from scratch.

Hackathons have over the years gained formidable reputation as an opportunity where significant apps and software are developed. It’s from Hackathons that GroupMe, which Skype acquired for $80 Million was built, other notable products from Hackathons include, Appetas, Carusell, Facebook Like Button, etc. One of America’s oldest toy companies, Hasbro, recently held a hackathon where 150 developers came and developed 45 products–equivalent to billions of dollars in traditional R&D. Powered People believes that the city of Warri has all it takes to become the I.T. capital and HackWarri is a medium to achieve that.

Registration fee = N500

First prize N10,000

Second prizeN5,000

 Third prize N2,000

For more information please visit The Hub, 86 Orhuwhorun Road, By Beeland Hotel, opposite Kotokoto junction, Delta state. Ovwian, Warri or call or send a mail 09025861607 | 08060434476, hello@powered-people.org

Refreshment will be provided on all three days.
Registration ends in 10 days.

You can register at Event Hub or make payment upon arrival at The Hub.

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