Friday, 20 October 2017

Top 5 reasons why you should be part of HackWarri.

Among the feedbacks we’ve gotten, chief among feedbacks has been to scale up the prize money. Prize money is great, but you don’t need a deep wallet to provide solution to a socio-economic challenge in Warri, or spark up a potential start up or invention, or be a change agents etc.
Follow us and think beyond money for incentives and other benefits that participants will find useful, such as a meeting and networking with people who can further the participants career, or a product worthy of attracting angel investors.
Here are 6 reasons why you should attend HackWarri

1.  Improve on your soft skills. 
It’s no news that some players can get their coach sacked or team members can make some good players with terrible soft skills useless on the field.

To be successful in any career is not all about having solid technical skills; you need soft skills as well such as team collaboration and effective communication. It’s expected that within the short period of HackWarri you should be able to collaborate effectively under pressure with a team of strangers. You have to figure out their strength, how to distribute tasks, and how to combine the different parts into a single unified project. Good communication skills are vital during this process as well as when it’s time to present your finished product.

2. Learning a new technical skill and acquiring knowledge. 
Hackathons is a great place to learn a new technical skill for free and HackWarri is presenting a wonderful platform for that to happen.

HackWarri is about collaborating to solve a socio-economic challenge with technology, and for tech people in the city, this is a unique opportunity to learn something for free, because the environment, tools, workshop and possibly mentors to teach and guide will be available.
Participating in hackwarri will also enable participant acquire knowledge of a particular technology, hands on learning of how it works in the process and then have a tangible demo by the end to showcase. 
3. Networking. 
Chief among the purpose of HackWarri is networking. Imagine being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are there to learn and collaborate. It is simply impossible not to network with them. In addition, by merely working under pressure with your team, you will most likely be able to build strong personal and professional connections that may extend way beyond hackwarri. And aside from that, participants, will get the chance to meet and get to know mentors. All these connection will definitely enrich your network. 

4.     Getting inspired 
Hackathons are contagious, we can guarantee that by the end of hackwarri you will leave with ideas and new goals regardless whether you finished your demo or not.
You learn more by observing and listening, just by listening and observing how the participants approach problems and their creative solutions will ignite your creativity, widen your imagination, and inspire you.
5. An Opportunity to give back. 
HackWarri is for the people, it’ll be interesting to provide a solution that works for the people and be celebrated for it.

6.Spark a Startup.
HackWarri may just be the breeding ground for the next big idea. The hackathon experience, the feedback from the judges and the folk, can just spark you to begin your own tech start-up or think critically about it.

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