Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Upon returning to Warri, the President of Powered People Mr. Edirin Atumah, has repeatedly expressed surprise that people still cut wood strenuously with axes, but i’d rather say that the greater shock will be, if any one who had died before the invention of world wide web comes back to life and see the monumental strides the world has made through Information Technology.

In less than 10,000 days of existence, the world wide web has transformed how we live. It has become one of the most basic tools shaping human existence.  Nobody would have thought that Tim Berners-Lee  invention will inspire ordinary people to do extra-ordinarythings, upscale medical research, topple government, birth billionaires, and create platforms to access limitless information.
During last trip to Lagos, my navigation through Nigeria’s second most populated and ever busy and fast moving city was made easier through Lara.ng. This web app is solving transportation problems by giving you not just direction but the price range of transportation cost within the city, other groundbreaking apps which have helped simplify and reduced banking stress, etc

It’s on this premise of providing solutions to challenges that Powered People Digital Academy presents Hackwarri, the city first tech Hackathon. Powered People Digital Academy is a change institue with a vision to be a leading World-Class Change organisation, committed to raising a new generation of solution providers, thinkers and change agents through IT, training software engineers for now and the future.

HackWarri like all other Hackathons is a fast paced contest event, that will last for three days, in which a selected number of people collaborate to improve upon or build a computer program or a usable software around the Hackathon theme.  Warri’s first Hackathon is with the theme : CREATE MOBILE OR WEB APPS FOR SOLVING IMPORTANT SOCIAL/ BUSINESS PROBLEMS IN WARRI.
The figure for brain drain from Warri is on a steady rise, young creatives keeps leaving the city for opportunities, HackWarri hopes to serve as a continual and inspirational platform that will encourage developers to collaborate, build and launch an ingenious solution to a social or business challenge in the city of Warri.

Registration for HackWarri is opened for the first fifty Creatives, Tech enthusiasts, Business developers, Super heroes, Developers (beginners and intermediates), Students, Graphic designers, UI and UX experts etc.

The hackathon begins on the 26th and ends on the 28th of October with amazing opportunities and also prizes to be won.

Registration fee = N500

 First prize N10,000

Second prizeN5,000

Third prize N2,000

For more information please visit The Hub, 86 Orhuwhorun Road, By Beeland Hotel, opposite Kotokoto junction, Warri, Delta state or call or send a mail 09025861607 | 08060434476, hello@powered-people.org

Refreshment will be provided on all three days.
Registration ends in 10 days.

You can register at http://eventhub.ng/details?iden=45 or make payment upon arrival at The venue. The Hub, Powered People Building, 86 Orhuwhorun Road, By Beeland Hotel, opposite Kotokoto junction, Warri, Delta state.

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