Sunday, 15 October 2017

Contentment is mediocrity. GO FOR MORE! By Edison Iboyi

I know you want to say “godliness with contentment is great gain” but hello! Is that why you are still where you are, Is this the best you can be?

This is not an inspiration, but a daring. I write to dare you to stop being content. What you think is contentment is your mind’s way of seeking rest; rest from moving further. You’re settling for mediocrity on the long run. You’re not okay the way you are. This can’t be your best, my dear. Even if it’s your best, how good has it changed your world? You see! You need more.

More is what makes you take a step further. More brings extra to the ordinary. More plunges you to the place of the unusual. More takes you to the farthest peak where mere men don’t and won’t tread. The fear to do more keeps us locked out of the gates from being the people of our moment. More puts you at the driving seat of your moment. It gets you on the highway to the deepest exploration of what the heart seeks. So what does your heart seek? Wouldn’t you rather get more?

Today I dare you to walk on the more paths. Do more. Get more. Achieve more. Expand more. Build more. Thrive more. Work more. Study more. Win more. Explore more. Create more. Produce more. Start more. Invent more. Write more. Dance more. Sing more. Cook more. Bake more. Preach more. Play more. Go the more way in all the things you do. Content is a mind blocker. There’s so much that you can be. There’s so much you can have. There’s so much you can give. There’s so much you can create; so much more. This can’t be the end.
Staying contented is you agreeing to remain stale. Contentment is your contract for being in the oblivion forever. How you choose to be relevant with the old is content. The world is moving, time is changing, and more keeps you fresh and relevant. I know you are thriving hard in the economy, but there’s more. Don’t let the accolades chain you down lest they become your final.

Disrupt yourself! Go for more.

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