Tuesday, 10 October 2017

All About CleanWarri.

Warri gives not just to it’s residents and the nation so much, but in return, she’s been neglected and turning into one of the dirtiest cities in Africa. We generate thousand tonnes of garbage daily, some of which are irresponsibly dumped on the streets, roads and the limited water drainage systems.  We have turned roads to dumpsite, and every day the piles keeps increasing, defacing the city, spreading disease and despair. This is a huge problem, should we wait till we cannot resolve it, or transfer to the next generation?

We are responsible for this sorry state of our city. We roll down the windows of our cars and carelessly toss drink cans, food packets, cigarettes and whatever not, onto the road. We spit and freely eliminate urine on walls and at all corners.

CleanWarri wants to put an end to this; together we can protect and make our City, Beautiful, Clean and Healthy.

About Us.
On the 3rd  December 2016, a  group of selfless individuals mostly young and under 40 converged at Afe Studio with one purpose in pursuit –A BETTER WARRI.
They started out discussing the challenges that plagues the reputation and progress of Warri and her environs.
After many deliberations, the team christened a project everyone thought was a priority to the city –
#CLEANWARRI, under the given mandate of “My City, My Responsibility”. #CleanWarri hopes to achieve its vision by Educating,  Influencing, Beautifying, Cleaning,  make Green, Sustainable and also to Involve and Collaborate with residents and organisations, and ensure that Sanitation, Hygiene and Climate standards in Warri aligns with global standards and practices.
Steered by The New Warri Group, since its creation, this movement has metamorphosed into an organisation tasked with the responsibility of making and keeping this city Clean, beautiful, green and healthy with zero waste.

What We Do?
CleanWarri is not just about cleaning up roads, roundabouts, and streets but about helping to develop and encourage wholelistic programs and initiatives that will deliver a clean, beautiful and healthy lifestyle across the city. This will include specific objectives such as beautification of strategic locations around the city, citywide clean up operations, develop mini parks, organising waste conferences, helping to reduce crime, job creation, construction of toilets in schools and communities, better waste management system and practices and aggressive environmental awareness and educational campaign and empowering residents with adequate information about the danger of this challenge and their roles in tackling this epidemic.

A Clean, Green, Healthy, and Beautiful City with Zero Pollution.

Educate,  Influence, Beautify, Cleanup, make Green, Sustainable, Involve and Collaborate with residents and organisations in Warri and environs.

1.       Kick Off (Our pilot cleanup operation that took place at Airport junction and environ)
2.       Udu Clean Up (Cleanup at Sedco junction)
3.       School Sensitizations (School sensitization Campaign at schools in the city.)
a.       Urhobo College Effurun
b.      Dom Domingos
c.       Uwangue College 
4.       20 Man, 10 Location (Cleanup exercise at Effurun roundabout and motor parks beside)
5.       CitySpread (Awareness campaign at key locations around the city. Ekpan Roundabout, Angle Park, Airport and Enerhen Junction)
6.       RoadScrub (Cleanup exercise and sensitization campaign at Jakpa road to Airport junction).
7.       Why I want a cleanwarri. (An Online conference)
8.       CleanWalk for a #CleanWarri, (An environmental awareness rally, pick up and sensitization exercise)
With a great city comes a great responsibilities, We hope that you partner with CleanWarri to support this laudible initiative, by joining us, volunteering your unique skills, working with us, spreading the words or making cash donations.
Bank : Sterling Bank,
Account number : 0064607853,
Account Name : newwarri
Contact us.
Office : No. 7 OHA House, Okumagba Avenue, Warri Delta State, Nigeria.
Mobile : 08114430561, 08033113351
Email : info@cleanwarri.org
Twitter : @cleanwarri
Instagram : @cleanwarri
Facebook Page : @cleanwarri

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