Thursday, 19 October 2017


Agriculture in Nigeria has existed for a very long while but recently just started trending again. Before the oil boom, farming in Nigeria was serious business and we were among global exporters of food items. After the oil boom, farming declined drastically and did not pick up until recently. Some Agriculture newbies who have picked up on the trend rely solely on information that they get from the internet and not necessarily hands-on training from professional farmers/ consultants. These DIY farmers sometimes end up wasting time and resources or lose half of their crops because of lack of adequate knowledge.

 For this reason, Greennation, an agribusiness consultancy firm has created the “Bail-Out” conference, at Brown Hill Events Centre, Ogunu, Warri, Delta State, on October 20, 2017, to recruit and connect people, educate and train farm entrants to pursue farming and agro allied business professionally, and sensitize them on the two most important things in farming; adequate knowledge in their chosen field of farming, the financial capacity needed to start and sustain their chosen field of farming and the financial capacity needed to start and sustain their farm to profitable enterprise.
  1. Exposing the participants to the great wealth associated with Agriculture
  2. Empower participants with information and opportunities to raise funds for their agricultural projects
  3. Free access to Agro allied consultants, locally, nationally and internationally.
  4. Free certified agricultural training to startup Agricultural venture.
The BAIL-OUT was launched in order to promote and celebrate Nigeria and Africa’s pride and dignity, through:
·           Agricultural Ingenuity, ideas, concept(s) and value chain product(s)/service(s)
·           Agro-allied Entrepreneurs.
·           Agricultural accomplishment and strides.
·           Self-discovery and self-reliance.
According to the organisers, “The BAIL-OUTis an annual event designed to hold twice a year in the month of May and October precisely. It is open to Synergy, collaboration and newthought provoking idea(s)/innovation”.

You do not want to miss out on this opportunity of a life time. A little fee of N5,000, that has been discounted by 40% that's you get to pay 3,000 to get the knowledge from both local and international professional farmers and consultants on how to grow your farm the right way and make a lot of profit.

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