Monday, 14 August 2017

Meet The Salty Pastor.

Pastor Tobore Efe Anthony Adakaraza embodies so much of what makes Warri, Warri.

A young man from a tough humble background who grew up with Aunties and Mummies, constantly bombarded with tough choices that questions his faith and belief, but yet never letting go of his dreams. 

He traveled out of the city and made his way back when everyone was living, to fulfill his God ordained destiny at the time he got a lucrative contract with Nigeria's biggest laundry firm.

His return to Warri has sparked off a synergy of creative movement that keeps growing in leaps and bound.

He keeps pursuing new outlets for his creativity and finding new ways that breaks the orthodox religious rituals that has kept dozens of Christians ignorant and unproductive.
He doesn't only teaches the bible in a clinical and surgical way he ensures that his family and congregants practice what his taught.

He broke boundaries with quintessential programs e.g. Decode in 2016, Decode an entrepreneurial summit that many attendees can't stop talking about and asking when's the next, and in April 2017, He raised the bar with SkillUp, a free skill acquisition for the city where participant had the opportunity to learn Photography, Bead Making, Make Up, Cakes Videography and Video Editing, Graphic design, Cocktails, Tailoring, Cocktail etc all for free.

He's a Pastor Entrepreneur and the lead Pastor of SaltCity Church Warri, who stands at the center of many credible revolutions in Warri, and his influence stretches across tribes, religious divides and regions. He’s never forgotten his roots, that's why it is no surprise that he has focused his energy since coming back to both mental, moral and financial challenges. His commitment to anything that will forge a better image for Warri is a proof to his commitment.
By virtue of having the opportunity to know him, I can safely say, In nearly everything he’s tried, he’s found success. (He even put a ring on Pastor Seun Ojuri, Lol.) And in doing so, he’s proved that the possibility of a #newwarri is alive and well.

He's among the pillars building and forging a NewWarri especially in the religious sector. He can be reached through any of the following.
@tobyadaz on twitter via email
Tobore Adakaraza on Instagram

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