Thursday, 6 July 2017

If not now, When will Warri be safe from robbers?

We recently asked a question on Instagram, Facebook and twitter, saying Why Do you Love Warri? Some said Warri is home, others said Warri is Bae, Warri is original, authentic. The take home from that question is that WARRI IS LOVED FROM BOTH HOME AND ABROAD, but yet this City, Land, People and Brand so loved and easily recognized is daily plummeting in worthy and valuable accreditation.
If not now, when will it be in Warri? when are we going to step and scale up? The city is being robbed of her noble status and erroneously introduced to visitors as local and an unsafe place and if we do nothing, when are we going to do something?

What one does when faced with the more difficult than you think, It is on record that #Warri is witnessing drastic and frantic insecurity challenges, especially from armed robbers in varying degree and modus operandi.

In the world today, matters of security are of utmost importance to the progress and development of any nation, state or city. As a result, no city can afford to treat with levity any issue that threatens its security.

Security in anywhere can be likened to the central nervous system in the human body. If anything goes wrong with it every other aspect of the body will be adversely affected, whether directly or indirectly.

Today, we live in absolute suspicion and constant expectations of an impending sad story. We are not only threatened by armed night workers but a new trend of calculative thieves that goes about robbing city people inside the Keke.
They look gentle and clean, always working together with the rider, one either reading a newspaper and the driver pleads innocently with you to help him sort something either a wire or tarpaulin, which will require that you turn around. In that split second they've stolen your valuables, phone, cash or whatever.

Some times, they are downright aggressive pointing guns at you and pushing you off the Keke after they have disposed you off your valuables.

Be that as it may, we should not and cannot afford to fold our hands and leave this security challenge to continue in this negative direction. Resigning to fate has never been a solution to any form of mayhem world over. While appreciating the efforts of the government in the area of security, all hands must be on deck to solve the immense security challenges so that we will all have a better city to live; a city where peace and tranquility will reign and where the rest of Nigerians wants to use for business and getaways.

Securing our Warri is not a one man affair; both the government and citizens has roles to play; partnership is indispensable in curbing security challenges. While we the citizens is to be PATROTIC, PROACTIVE, VIGILANT and EVANGELICAL. (By evangelical we mean tell someone today to be careful and watchful). The government supports by providing a QUICK and ACTIVE RESPONSE from police officers.

If we fail to do anything now, Warri that has been our greatest love and happiness may become our greatest sorrow.

We can start having a safe City today by you joining us to do the following.
1. Share this post,
2. Comment and suggest your opinion,
3. Share your story if you've been a victim,
4. Tell somebody verbally or digitally,
5. Be Proactive, i.e. be observant before entering into any Keke.
6. If you're already inside the Keke, hold your bag, act as if you're not hearing the plea to do something for the Keke driver and ask him to drop you immediately.

The time to have a #SafeWarri is now, if not now when?
Join us and together let's have a #SafeWarri.

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