Friday, 23 June 2017

#poemtuesday : LIVE YOUR DESTINY, NOW. by Bard. Malyk

Life is a sojourn embarked upon ... the
     only contraption trained for, at conception;
          tho' allowed to drive, after gestation—birth.
With emotional levers and social vices;
     achieved, is the feat; but yearns of defeat,
         employswind of uncertainty to
              random blows, indiscriminately throw—trials.
Optimism's approaches transfigure Pessimism's
     intentsinto borne positive advantages ... which
         when applied, attracts Envy's mercy.*1

Many await to arrive this avenue—destiny, but
     likeperfection, it is a mere mirage.
Enter right commands to get closer, faster; but
     realized and rewritten wrongs, attain; though
          later. Dare drive against a one way and pay
traffic fines—sometimes, through your nose.

So get on with graft! O sloth, work!
Take the cripple's challenge, who said:
"... my disability, isn't about uprooting mushrooms...."
Live like nkakwu*2 that gathers nuts still at labour,
     whilst 'waiting the crippling—fore and aft
          delivery. For mouth, chewing stick ... is
the beating of drum that the ears must to, dance.

A pleasing illusion—destiny, pursued; but,
     never caught up with.... 'cause the hunger
of man's desires are never satisfied—so insatiable!
Drop dead this moment, then that is it!
What you do now—right, or wrong; is your
     destiny, defined ... so live it right, to make it
count; even now!

*1.     Optimism, Pessimism and Envy here, are personified.
*2.     Nkakwu:                Shrew—a rat-like rodent; with longer pointed nose
                                               and smallereyes.

1.        Sojourn:                Where one goes ... and have temporary stay.
2.        Embarked:           Proceed somewhere, despite the risk of possible
                                               danger. To venture.
3.        Contraption:      A device or control that is useful, for a particular
                                               job. Here, life is the machine, man is born to use.
4.        Conception:       The act of becoming pregnant.
5.        Gestation:           The period, during which an embryo develops, i.e.
                                               the duration from conception to birth.
6.        Indiscriminately:         In a random manner.
7.        Transfigure:        Change completely the nature or appearance of
8.        Optimism's:        A general disposition, to expect the best in all things.
9.        Pessimism's:       A general disposition, to expect the worst in all things.
10.     Mirage:                  Something illusory and unattainable.
11.     Graft:                      Hard work (British).
12.     Sloth:                      One, who gets unwilling to work, or exert self.
13.     Fore:                                               Before.
14.     Aft:                           After.
15.     Illusion:                 An erroneous mental representation of a thing: A
16.     Insatiable:           Impossible to satisfy.

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