Friday, 30 June 2017

Hallelujah Challenge

Nigerian Gospel Act, Nathaniel Bassey has reinforced the supremacy of God and the impact religion can play in shaping the future landscape of Nigeria, by becoming the first Nigerian to successfully integrate social media and religion, despite the challenges of expensive data and sleep denial.

The famous 30days #Halleluyahchallenge ended this morning and he appreciated everyone that has participated and supported the one hour online worship and prayers. He also appreciated critics as their criticism helped to increase participation, Mr. Freeze popular OAP who was for, flipped to the otherside to say it was a ploy to sell record because less than a week to the end of the praise prayer marathon a new song was released, and for his criticism and Nigerian based abroad threatened to kill him.

The convener response was amazing as he said it was an avenue to sell #Olowogbogboro which means the God with an outstretched arm which was also the name of the released song.
Now that the halleluyah challenge is over, the online community will be quietly waiting for the next big thing to go viral, i will humbly suggest why not a #NigeriaChallenge or #WarriChallenge? What do i mean by #NigerianChallenge or #WarriChallenge?

Can we challenge ourself by ourself to do something daily that can forge a better image or us as people or make us better? If we are able to keep at it for 21 days, then a new and good habit is created and habit is what we repeatedly do and is not far from excellence if we repeatedly do it well.

It has been an eventful 30days that featured and array of Nigerian A list stars at the halleluyah festivals and during the daily challenge. See pics from Halleluyah festival.

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