Monday, 29 May 2017

Meet Philips Ochoma, Gospel New Wine.

If there’s one thing that people can’t contest in Life is Music, When it hits you, you never remain the same, it’s that one thing that gives you a voice when words fail. This is why it was a thing of joy to seat with Gospel's New Wine, Philips Ochoma. We met Sir Philips Ochoma and it was great a time with him.

Let us meet you?

(Takes a deep breath) What exactly, will you like to know?

Everything Sir
My name is Philips Ochoma, but my friends call me Sir Philips. I am a native of Ahoada town in Ahoada-East LGA, Rivers State, who relocated to the oil rich city, Warri. I’m 27 and I’m single. I schooled in Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State.

How did your Interest in Music Develop?

I can humbly say music runs in my family because, My father and other family members love music. So it's  just natural. Though my mum sang in the choir as a teenager and Dad had most of the hit songs at the time and even until now. So, they spurred the music consciousness in me. 

Are you under any record Label?

I'm not under any record label but I'm very open to any interested label. I believed that I have learnt, studied and developed myself to be ready for business and bless God with the gift inside me.

How would you describe your music and set a standard for yourself?

My music is Versatile. I have done some Highlife, Rnb, etc. Good music is key. To me, gospel isn't a music genre really. It is 'US', our everyday life. Coming to the second part of your question, It’s my dream to set new standards. Music evolves. Good music will always stand out. The message is the same gospel but my method and music will be exquisite and Time sensitive in terms of it's language and style... 'Do the common in an uncommon way.'

Why Gospel and Not RnB or Soul Music? 

The Gospel is all we stand for. The style or beat pattern may sound RnB or Soul. But the message is the gospel. Anything outside that ain't the gospel. It can be given any other name.

What’s the biggest crowd you have performed in front of and where? 

That should be my Birthday Worship Concert in 2015, Niger Delta University. It was AMAZINGLY POWERFUL. So many youths where divinely and positively transformed as a result. 

Do you have any single yet? If you do talk us through it.

Yes I do. My first official single 'KÒ MÁ SÍ'. It is a powerful song. It will be released in few days time - May 31st to be precise. Watch out for it. It's a powerful song that you can't miss out on.

Who inspires you musically?

Any good song is an inspiration. I've been influenced by many musicians, right from when I was a child... Subconsciously and otherwise from Bob Marley to Onyeka Onwenu, then to the recent Tim Godfrey, Frank Edwards, Jonathan McReynolds, Mali Music, Nathaniel Bassey etc. So, it's really a " Complex Infusion." I'm here to forward the course that others have started. 

How much songwriting do you do?

I've lost count of my own songs. It's a gift and it is vast. I even write movie soundtracks, I have some unreleased company advertising songs, and a few ones I've done for church programs like concerts and conferences. It's expansive. So, in case you need one, then you can contact us.
What's your favourite music instrument?

The Acoustic Guitar.

What are you most afraid of?

Living an ordinary life. Dying unknown and unfulfilled. I want to influence lives. Most importantly, I want to live for God, spreading the message of His love.

In your opinion, what’s the best song ever recorded? 

I can't say or call any song in particular. I think any song that adds value e.g teach sound morals, talks about genuine love and commitment, etc and that the artiste gives his time and resources to research and actualize is, and should be called one of the best songs.

Can you describe yourself in three words?


If you had the power to ban one thing in the world, what would that be? 

Selfishness. (It's the root cause of all jealousy, war, hatred etc). We shouldn't just live for ourselves. We should fight against the 'Dog eat Dog' world idea/system.

Who is the most famous person you’ve met?

Benny Hinn (hahaha!) I saw him at Word Of Life Church, Warri.

What does the future hold for Philips Ochoma? 

New grounds to conquer, lives to reach out to, value to add and a generation to raise and lead.

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4 Responses to "Meet Philips Ochoma, Gospel New Wine."

  1. This is beautiful...Congratulations Sir Philips... Wishing you greater heights!

  2. Mr Philip well done sir. The oil and grace of God upon your life will never diminish in Jesus mighty name. As of God's best sir

  3. Mr Philip well done sir. The oil and grace of God upon your life will never diminish in Jesus mighty name. As of God's best sir

  4. Mr Philip well done sir. The oil and grace of God upon your life will never diminish in Jesus mighty name. As of God's best sir