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Keke and d Front Seat.

We fit use evrything wey dey happen for Warri take describe Nigeria, bcos evrything wey dey work and nor dey work for awi obodo Nigeria big or small dey for Warri. For example our national cake (Oil), Our entatainment indostree, Our Relijos institutions, Our creative secktor, Manufacturing and construction, Shipping, Lojistics and Transportation etc all of the above dey for awi city, so we can sey Warri na small Nigeria, like Oyibo pipo go tulk, Warri is a nucleus of Nigeria. Gbam I speak dat one. (Lolz)
So how come we cum accept wetin bad as normal? How we take accept abnormalities as d real thing? Sometimes wen I see d way, some pipo dey behave, I dey reason say wen dem enta Nigeria or Warri, dem dey remove d part wey dey think comot from their brain.

Back in d dayz wen Keke neva drive taxi comot for road, na normal thing to carray two passenjas for front seat, some na even tiree sef, driva go dey change gear inside persin agada (In between legs), and nobody complain. We takam as normal horzoling. Make we nor tulk Okada own dat na tori for anoda day, na Keke full evrywhere, but d keke drivas dey carray passenjas for front seat, some sef na both side dem take dey carray d passenjas and even wen dem nor carry atall, you go see d drivas bend go one side like persin wey dey hold strong mex (fart).

Dese na one issues wey we nid to look into and address, if we go forge a #newwarri den we must begin to dey see wetin bad as bad and start to dey reject dem outrightly and demand for d ryt doingz.
Bet wait ooO, Why persin go enta Keke front seat? For d rekord, I nor dey enta Keke front seat, nor be pride, wetin nor gud, nor gud.

I go pay you full amount, I go still inconvenience myself, baze on wat? Na bcos say pipo still dey enta d front seat naim dey make Keke drivas still dey carray. Carraying for front seat is an unsafe act wey fit lead to accident, bcos Keke drivas fit nor get allowance to take maneuver properly, in case of any opata for road.
I know sey many pipo go say na bcos of d economy naim dey make dem carray for front, bet dat na big fat lie, we jux dey find excuse to dey do bad tinz. Many times carraying for front seat na penny wise pounds foolish, bcos most times kporkpor (Police) or Agbero go catch the drivas and dem go spend more dan d front seat Moni.

The part wey bad for dis mata be say, even ladies and gentle girls go dey enta front of Keke, abeg na bad thing, awi sistas make una stopam. Na complete bad thing for girl or woman to enta front of Keke, woman suppose get sumall pride and dignity. Many girls for Warri dey say their bobo nor dey treat dem well, bet dem forget sey dem nor first get value for demselves, but dey find value and respeckt from pipo especially deir sugar bumbum.

We go always sey we want beta things for awi Warri, but many of us neva ready for Warri to change at all, sumall, sumall things like not seating in front of Keke go, go far to increase awi value systems. When visitors come awi city and dem see say nobody dey front seat and for dia side pipo dey sidan for front anyhow, dem go respeckt us.

Between 2003 - 2007 Wen I dey Ekpoma, If i wan differentiate Bini & Warri girl, most times na by wen dem tulk, especially with boys. Warri girls nor dey mind, even d Bini girls wey dey stay bush, dey try sumall to speak simple and Korrect engrish, but my Warri sistas nor send atall, even dose of dem wey sabi speak simple and korrect, nor dey gree, dem jux like to form wetin persin nor know. All dis sumall simple things wey we dey take for granted or dey ova look dey make huge impact.

Make I wrap dis tulk wit dis sumall tori, maybe e go helep butta my point. My elder broda relocate wit is wife back to Warri from Eko (Lagos). One day, I dey inside Car with her and she dey with her friend wey come visit her from Eko, so she come dey tell her, how she dey surprise to see two pipo for front of Keke and also come dey show her friend. E be like laffing mata, but an opinion or idea abat d kind of pipo wey dey Warri don arrange inside her thinkings (Mind) Dat her friend so, fit tell one persin wey go tell anoda persin wey go tell anoda persin and d thing go kontinue dey long dey go, of how Warri pipo nor dey concern abat safety and awi girls nor get sumall regard for demselves.
I hope sey you wey dey read so dey get my point, Seating down in front of Keke nor be beta thing, a sumall thing like that can helep to build d #newwarri of awi dream. Dis #newwarri mata go far beyond seating in front of Keke, dis na mata about how we dey regard awi sef and awi value system.

If you ask any Keke man or passenja wey dey carry or sidon for front seat, dem go say government or na horzoling. One thing wey i don notice over time be say, many pipo dey use d sin or bad things wey deir neighbor or pipo dey do, dey take justify deir own error, bet dem dey forget sey, becos your neighbor do bad thing nor make you good persin. Show me wetin you dey do and I go tell you d kind of persin wey you be.

Have a great day my Korrect Waferians.

Collins A.

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