Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Food for the Classic Warri.

Being Classic in all its glory is to be recognized and established to be of value and how else would you describe Warri, if not in these Words. A town known for its resilience, the strength of character of it's people, Respect for elders, our unique languages and a deep appreciation of our culture, but most important to me is their deep love for Food.
Variety they say is the spice of life, it's a saying that you could hear from just about anyone and in a different context this phrase could lead to a debate or something worse, but i do humbly say we've reduced our varieties to just a few number, in terms of our dishes.

I've discovered that in my beloved city, that we are so fixated on only a few staples, we must have our native soups (Banga or Owho etc ) or our rice in its mostly celebrated five versions (Jollof, Fried, Coconut, White and Banga Rice), don't get me wrong when these dishes are done to perfection they awake our taste buds and are downright pleasure.
But let's once in a while step out of our comfort zones, from the monotony we call food and try new things, made even from the comfort of our homes with seasonal, local and affordable ingredients, for example who knew you could make a refreshing Watermelon salad, or a fish stew (Lord knows we are blessed with Seafood) with absolutely no tomatoes in it, or a pasta dish with Tripe/shaki, or even a simple goat curry.

Places like Lagos and Abuja are Economic hubs not only because of it's government but because they gave change a chance, by changing their perception of even the most mundane things and allowing themselves to experience the spice of life that is variety.
So join me and let's build a #newwarri through food, Let's put our backs into it and do something different this week, the next and everyone after that, let's try to see the world through the beauty that is food. So here I am dedicating myself to this cause of bringing us together through something we all love...food.

Ogbo Ufuoma is the CEO of Buffy's Cookhouse,
A Fine dining and Gourmet food delivery Service situated in the heart of Warri.
An Accountant turned Chef and a food blogger.
She is passionate about moving her home town Forward.
She can be reached on all social media platforms via @buffyscookhouse

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