Friday, 10 March 2017

I Be Certified Dirty Packer

Hello Dear, Something happened recently that I should share, please bear with me.
You see, many of us in Nigeria, has  a default mode called blame and excuse mode. When it comes to the basic challenges we experience, we find who to blame and trust me there's always someone available to blame : We blame witches or wizard in our villages, parents for not being rich and heap bulk of the blame on the government, especially the President. (Who knows maybe that's why PMB is sick. Lol!)
We blame the President when we stuff dirts in-between our roads, We blame the government when our family or friend dies in hospitals or when we get robbed on the streets, but never us who constantly ate junk foods or walkabout with complete disregard for security and safety. We blame the government for the drainages that are blocked due to the polythene bags or empty sachet water we've stuff in the drainage or throw away carelessly.
We blame the President, sometimes our landlords or landlady for malaria sickness when we fail to cut down the grasses in our surroundings, or properly cover our trash. The truth is many of us never look at ourselves as the problems of our city, Warri.

Recently, I was in a friends surprised birthday party, while gisting with friends, they derisively started talking about me going about packing dirts or clearing grass in town, and were making very unsavory comments, how they and their families can't understand me and others asking me questions I was not in any mood to answer.
"Collins, it's because you're not married and your Mama nor dey draw you money, naim make you dey do charity" one said with much pride as if I don't know that his only bill is he's immediate family.
What got me surprised and made me apprehensive was that these set of guys are young people, doing businesses in Warri and travelling in and out of the city regularly, but their thought pattern is what has brought us a nation to this deplorable state. "Me, Myself and I". 

One asked about a self explanatory facebook post about a play I was part of in February, and my response was "Baba, you na graduate na, you can read" My response made them hesitant and I could sense their quick withdrawal.
I'm aware not everyone process things the same way, we don't think alike, we all don't put our mind fully to things sometimes, and my response could have been more subtle, but "Me sef abi human being ooO"
As a creative person, i assume a lot of things and truth be told, they make me appear like "ITK" (I Too Know) or Know, know which of course has caused me many things, so when I had another opportunity to explain what I was doing with #newwarri and #cleanwarri with a few, I patiently took my time to explain what I am doing and how they can be part of it.

So what's CleanWarri?
Warri is supposedly the foremost city in Delta state. However ruins and degradations stare at us if we do nothing about the dirts that plagues our beloveth city. Our home is defaced by waste and we can not wait any longer for the government to fix it thus PROJECT CLEAN WARRI.

The goal of the project is to educate, exemplify and encourage a culture of cleanliness and hygiene in Warri. This campaign is a collaborative initiative from enterprising residents in the city with genuine interest for a Clean Warri and is not only willing but already doing so merging about it. We're going to schools, doing physical clean up and we are planning a major clean up tagged "20 Man, 10 Location."
What is 20 Man, 10 Location?
As the name goes, we want to go out again on the 25th of March, into ten different locations simultaneously with a minimum of twenty persons in each location for clean up exercise in the different strategically selected location within the three local government area that makes up our unique city.

To acheive this a minimum of two hundred persons is needed. If you're not yet part of this  "noble cause" please join us by clicking Sign up for Project #CleanWarri.
Don't underestimate what your little donations and efforts can do for our city.

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