Thursday, 30 March 2017

Project Clean Warri.

Have you ever tried fixing something in public and everyone had this stare at you and when you ask for help, you hear them ask “Who send you?” This is the reality in Warri, we continually claim, we nor dey carry last, but when it comes to taking up responsibilities that will put us in forefront we treat with levity. Warri is our home and it’s time we begin to collectively address the vices eating up the city.
Our poor waste management habit, indiscriminate littering and illicit waste disposal methods will always haunt us. This is not the duty of government alone, we have to rethink on the way all as post-consumer dispose our waste and find ways to make organisations that produce or use materials that generate bulk waste for packaging or other purposes implement an effective “extended producer responsibility. (EPR) in Warri

Project #CleanWarri is a collaborative initiative to create, influence and encourage habits and values of cleanliness, beautiful and a healthier Warri.

Our Mission is to have a A Clean, Beautiful and Healthy Warri.

Our Goals
  • Cleanup strategic locations around the city.
  • Beautify Strategic locations around the city.
  • Increase awareness and create the groundwork to keep the community clean over a long period of time.
  • Gets residents involved in creative ways in cleaning and beautifying the city.
  • Create a sense of community and pride among the residents of the city.
  • Sustained awareness for environmental sanitation.
  • Attract volunteer participation, organizational and parastatal partnership.
  • Sensitize and educate Residents on the values and benefits of a Clean and Beautiful  environment.
  • Encourage Civic Responsibility among residents especially the youths.
Our Programs includes
  • Clean Up Strategic locations around the city.
  • Beautify Specific locations around the city.
  • Education and sensitization in Secondary Schools and tertiary institutions.
  • 20 Man, 10 Location (Twice in a year)
  • Road Scrubs
  • City Spread (Offline Campaign, with placards and handbills at strategic locations around the city.
  • 5,000 Man march. (October 2017)
  • My City, My Responsibility. (Choose specific locations and clean it up with residents from these areas in conjunction with the churches, organisation domicile in that vicinity)
  • Warri Clean Conference. 
  •          a. Uvwie LGA
  •          b.Warri South LGA
  •          c. Udu LGA
  • Partnership with
  •           i. Churches.
  •           ii.Community leaders
  •           iii. Organisations,
  • Sustainable plan. (Paid Cleaners)
  •           a. Street Sweepers,
  •           b. CleanWarri CDS,
  • Distribution of CleanWarri merchandise and materials.
Our needs Includes 
  1. Manpower,
  2. On Air, Radio and TV Broadcast,
  3. Bill Board Placements and Stickers,
  4. Graphic Designs and New Media Post sponsorship,
  5. Trucks and Vehicle for mobility,
  6. PSP waste disposal rental
  7. Work Materials
  8. Waste Drums, Baskets,
  9. Clean Warri Merchandise, Tees, Caps etc
  10. Paints
  11. Light refreshments
No one will create or is responsible to create the future we all desire, not even our government. Developing nations and cities around the world today is a result of willing residents and organisations. A clean Warri is our responsibility and possible if we take responsibility, will you join us?

We look forward to working together, if you have any questions, please contact us.

Volunteering and partnership is open to anyone within and outside the city.
Notify us of your intention via any of the following options send us an email, text or call, join our whatsapp or telegram group via the link and follow us on social media.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram : @cleanwarri
Mobile : 08033113351, 08114430561
Email :
Join via : Whatsapp and Telegram

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