Saturday, 18 March 2017

3 Things You Should be Part of In Warri.

If we don't begin to look at Warri in a new light, then the only thing we'll see, is what it was, and these were the mistakes people of the city has made, (Everything that has brought the city low). If we as residents don't first realize that Warri is the people and not just a place or past mistakes, outsiders won't and how then can we begin to experience the growth springing from different parts of the city?

We must all realize that we do not grow absolutely nor in linear or chronologically order. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another. Growth can be uneven, partially and relative. This city is a bundle of different layers, some in full maturity and others, like a child stuttering and shaky.

We are not there yet, but some things are already working beyond expectations and I believe to exponentially accelerate the growth process, we must as residents begin to take the leads by first attending, taking the next to participating and hopefully hosting spotlight events.

In this month of March there are a few things that is worthy of our time and participation, as resident it’s part of our responsibility to attend.

Here are a few.
20Man, 10Location.
20Man, 10Location is a social event by project #CleanWarri. The goal is not to only create a buzz about cleanliness, but to promote and encourage the values and cultures of hygiene.

On the 25th of March, 2017, there’ll be Clean-Up activities in 10 different location around the city simultaneously. To achieve this goal, a minimum of 200 persons is needed. Join us today and stand a chance to learn a special skill for free as you play your part to keep Warri clean.

Here are the targeted ten locations. 
Uvwie LGA
1. Airport junction.
2. Ekpan Roundabout.
3. Effurun Roundabout
4. Enerhen Junction.

Uvwie LGA
5. Ibo Market or Mcciver Market.
6. Okere Market.
7. Highly patronized area Ugbangwe.

8. Orhuwhorun Junction
9. Sedco Junction/Mofor Junction
10. Express Junction.

Attend Anomally

Anomally is another edition of Nyimarr's monthly spoken word and music event. It’s an evening of finesse and a time to relax. I couldn’t catch my breath in February’s edition, I had a nice time listening to raw talent with deep, rich words that you’d wonder wisdom and creativity does not rely on age.

I’ll encourage you to join me and other cool people to enjoy a fine evening on Thursday 30th of March 2017, by 4PM at EmmaPassion Fitness Professional, Bendel Estate. (Beside Ibori House)

Ankara Festival
Ankara festival is a fashion show in Warri that aims to celebrate African fashion and promote upcoming designers.  These events hopes to gather a minimum of a thousand persons, and host various fashion houses to display their products.

They are currently doing casting call for models and booths are still available for lease to fashion houses.

I can’t wait to see Ankara fabrics crafted into beautiful designs. I hope to see you on the 2nd of April, 2017 at Mom Civic Centre.

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