Monday, 27 February 2017

Curbing the Challenge of Security in Warri

In 1992, there were 626,182 serious crimes with the weight of these crimes in Brownsville and Hast New York, but today the story is completely different. Statistics shows that crime rate in our city is far, far less, but the goal of #NewWarri is zero incident.

Every project or campaign consumes a life, project #CleanWarri at the moment seems to be taking mine. It has not been an easy ride but we are making progress, getting schools to give us audience, residents making donations, volunteering to participate and showing up to join in clean up exercise has been amazing.
If there’s anything that has become more obvious to me pushing #CleanWarri is that Man will always be Man prideful, intolerant and selfish. Irrespective of your stock of trade, when anybody comes to you for anything even when you're oblivious of the purpose of visit, many of us automatically switch to boss mood and communicate in abrasively. 

Pushing Project #CleanWarri has forced me to re-evaluate what I have known about life. I am beginning to learn that nothing trumps patience and tolerance when dealing with people. If your patience and tolerance prevails, you may not only achieve your mission, you also win new friends that may share brilliant idea.

“Who told you to come inside here, are we not supposed to invite you before you come in?”

“I am sorry ma, your colleague beckoned to me to..., so I thought”

“You thought wrong, please excuse us”

With a smile on my face, I walked out, patiently waiting and edgy as I had too many personal errands and here I was waiting. When I was finally called back to the office, I had one of the best time talking with these ladies, they were throwing suggestions from left, right and centres and one said something striking, Thank you for Clean Warri, but Warri is "dirty spiritually" and we have to combine our efforts to pray for her sanctification.

And then the other lady said it, you people should handle the security challenge in the city. People are scared to go out at any time of the day. We know that there’s no job, but, look at you, are you not a young man? why can’t other young people like you get creative and do something instead of arm robbery and crime?. 

People are scared, robbery is too much, you and your team should come together and work out a security plan so that the city can come back to life.

Let’s mince no words, things are tough, but crime is not the way forward, we must not relent in our attempt for peace and security.
Dwight Eisenhower once said "We'll bankrupt ourselves in the vain search for absolute security" absolute security maybe fleeting but I'd rather we stick with Helen Keller's "Life's either a Daring adventure or nothing" and dare to pursue and get involved in our security by taking up responsibilities in curbing the security challenge facing our city. Here’s a few things we should do to reduce the security challenges.

1. Redefine, Repackage, Rebrand, Restructure Police Community Relation Committee (PCRC) : PCRC at the moment this is the only alternative security system communities in the city operates. I believe it can be better and more efficient.

2. You See, You Act: Like my Dad will always say, security begins with you, To a large extent we play a major role in our own safety, security and peace. Do not fail to notify appropriate authorities when you notice suspicious individuals patrolling your neighbourhood. Safely and anonymously take on the responsibility of a whistle blower.

3. Pay your security levies: Often time our community policing is not as effective as it should be because many of the security guards are not adequately and promptly paid their salaries.

4. Be Vigilant and observant: I see no reason why anybody should be carefree with their security details. If the most powerful President in the world is security conscious then you should. Watch keke or cab you enter, observe and study environment etc.

5. Be Wise:  A good percentage of people robbed are responsible for the misfortune. Imagine showing off inside a keke or cab with your flashy phone, making financial calls on public transit or blabbing in a pub or club.

Security starts with me and you. keep yourself and property safe.

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