Thursday, 1 December 2016

What We Can Do About Enerhen Junction?

If you have read 20 Random facts about Warri, or you live in Warri, then you will agree with me that Enerhen Junction is not just the most popular location in the city, it also becoming a bubbling economic hub and it’s the major intersection that links all three LGA that makes up Warri.
If you are very observant you’d notice that Enerhen Junction has some challenges that need to be addressed to project a brighter image for our beloved Warri. Here are some of the challenge #newwarri has noticed affecting Enerhen Junction.

1. Bad Spots.

2. Agberos

3. Dirts.

The bad spot at the intersection is a major reason why we have regular hold up at Enerhen Junction, all the car passing through will have to slow down when passing through. We can do something about it. If we wait for the government, then the growth of our city will be very slow. No doubt that road falls under Uvwie LGA district and Hon. Efe Oforbruku, the State House of Rep. member representing this section of our city should champion the road repair, but the obvious reality is that, everyone living in Warri is suffering from this challenge not only the people of Uvwie, because one way or the other we 've passed through Enerhen Junction. This bad spot can be filled and smoothen with gravels before the government approves repair of the road.

This bad spot has done well in encouraging exploitation from Agberoes who are taking advantage of keke, taxi and bus drivers to demand for settlement when they carry passenger on the traffic. Agbero in Warri is something that Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa should look into. We’ve suggested in previous post that this the government should look for a way to assimilate and send them for training with a promise of stipend. Permit my words they are the city menace. With their cut and mangled up faces, flashing ID cards only God knows where they got it from to exploit road users.

Enerhen Junction is also very dirty, I have once stood with other football lovers for over thirty minutes watching a football match between Chelsea versus Manchester United on the public display board. The story is different today, no public display board, fluctuating traffic light, bad road, corrupt police officer, dirts on all sides of the road is the regular feature of Warri’s most popular location, Enerhen junction.

We can clean up Enerhen junction, we can do another Warri Make Over but this time with a focus on the beautification of Enerhen junction.

Warri is our responsibility and we must own up. Reach out to us for whatever you think we can do about Enerhen Junction.

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2 Responses to "What We Can Do About Enerhen Junction?"

  1. Good day, being that this junction is usually busy, I'll suggest that it should be properly maintained, that is to say the roads for easy access, the traffic and street lights with a reasonable security system.

    1. Thank you for your contribution.
      Can you please reach us via mail, so we can discuss your suggestions further?