Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The Challenge of Integration in Warri.

Warri is a unique city, playing host to Urhobo, Itsekiri, Ijaw, Delta Ibo and a host of smaller ethnic groups in the state and other national tribes that migrated here for work, business or marriage. Warri is a ballooned city that can explode with any prick.
On a recent visit to my Mum, i noticed her young neighbor travelling to the village at an ungodly hour because the Urhobo and Ijaws are not having a peaceful relationship. 

Mummy, will somebody come and hurt Mama Perez, I asked (A lady who everybody know in this neighborhood) why I don’t believe the possibility of that scenario, it doesn’t mean that it cannot happen.

Residents of Ogbe-Ijoh are not happy with their Aladja neighbours who they believe has been exploiting them with too many “deve” collection because they pass through their land (Aladja) to bring in materials to build infrastructures and local business like boutiques, restaurants etc to their community (Ogbe-Ijoh).

A friend that sells clothes, was complaining recently and calling on the leaders of both communities to find a way to ensure that there’s peace among the tribes because their Ijaw customers are not just their bulk buyers but also loyal, compared to other ethnic tribes.

The problem of social and ethnic integration is not just a Warri problem, it’s a challenge that has it's roots from FCT, aside football being a national unifier, ethnic lines or affinity has not only led to unnecessary scuffle but unquestionable expression of love in strange land between people of same ethnic tribes.

If you’ve not wondered why Fulani herdsmen has been audacious and acting without regards to law during this herdsmen crisis, I have, I have thought about it and my recent visit to Abuja helped to confirm my suspicion that even pure breed Hausa are relegated to the backseat in the presence of a Hausa-Fulani. Despite the the nineteen bokwai Hausa states, there’s always an air of superiority that the Hausa-Fulani have over regular Hausa Nigerian, irrespective of President Muhammadu Buhari being a Hausa Fulani, the Hausa-Fulanis has consistently position themselves at the seat of power to remain relevant and indispensable.

The fact that there are cold tribal fracases that keeps repeating itself over and over again at the seat of power, is a pointer that a #newwarri is our collective responsibility. The challenges of integration will be greatly watered down if we can find a way to adjust or reduce the speaking of ethnic tribes in our educational system and ensure that every senior school certificate holder can effectively communicate in our general language (English language), then we can go ahead to build a city with proper ethics and the right values.

Poor synchronization is a major factor why we are here as a city, this ongoing feud between the Ijaw and Urhobo in Aladja should be squashed and buried.

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