Monday, 7 November 2016

Who’s to Blame for the Street and Traffic Lights Failure in Warri?

Who is to blame for the malfunctioning traffic lights that cause terrible traffic jams at major junctions around the city of Warri? 
Who is to blame for the non-functioning street lights that make the city dark at night?

We can resort to finger-pointing at the Government, Residents with bad driving habits bashing their cars on slabs or on the poles of the light, epileptic power supply, natural causes etc, many will argue that the current state of traffic and street lights is caused by the Government in the sense that, these facilities are either suffering from power failure, electrical or technical failures, broken bulbs and poles, as a result of poor maintenance which of course is the responsibility of the government to conduct routine and emergency maintenance on the lights.
The life span of traffic light bulbs used to be more than a year or more but because of the greedy mindset of our business and unaccountable administration bulbs, poles, electrical panels with poor or low quality are used with no long term plan on power supply.

Most of the street lights in Warri stopped working when this new administration took over. The lights were powered by diesel generators that were housed along the roads, which of course is a terrible idea from the start and the logical explanation is, maybe the government contracted the street lights to private contractors and I am wondering why such a short term plan. (Greed/selfishness).
The traffic lights at Jakpa Junction, one of the most busy and volatile section in the city has been bad for days and nobody seems to care. It’s unfortunate that, this is the same road that Uvwie local government Executives and workers take to the secretariat, even if they are have not been informed about this, why have they not initiated an action to address the issue, surely they have seen and are aware of the situation. The sad thing about the Jakpa and Enerhen junction is that, every day we see young men harassing people on the road that they are over the traffic line, if i may asked, who employed these people? Is there a way they can be recruited to work as traffic officer and ensure they work at night to reduce night traffic offenders? just thinking.
The problem with the street and traffic lights in Warri can be heaped on the government, but #newwarri is not a city of finger-pointing or blame game, it’s a city where solutions are suggested and worked on together.

The city can be lighted before this yuletide if the government acts, if we talk about it, if we do something about it, if information gets to the right place on time, yes of course we can do something about it.
Join the movement for a #newwarri

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