Friday, 4 November 2016

Volatile Nigeria

From one end of the globe to the other, there has been growing number of restiveness. The Arab spring that began on the 18 of December 2010, following Mohammed Bouazizi self immolation in Tunisia. The success of the protest in Tunisia, triggered a shock wave that forced rulers from power in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen etc also spread into sahara and western African countries, e.g. Sudan, Mali, Rwanda, Nigeria etc has had their fair share of violent agitations that became militancy or terrorist activities. The driving force of this scourge is based on the collective strength of an idle and strong youthful masses. These chaotic situation is driving away new business, spurring pain and fear, attracting more idle youths and enjoying investments from rogue officials.

Most of the western countries is sophisticated enough to attack this scourge head on, but not third world nations. We can safely assume a leading cause of these epidemic is a remarkable number of idle youths without direction or pupose and Nigeria falls whole in this kind of countries.

Nigeria is a goldmine of untapped human resources. A population estimated to be over 160 million people with a youthful base of over 70 million in the entire population.

Most of the crisis in Northern Nigeria, Political or Religious is carried on the strong back of idle youths with little or no parental control. The Almajiri’s are often times the foot soldiers that cary out these wicked acts, and in the South, especially in the creeks, Militancy has had smooth sailing in their operations because, there was a healthy base of young people awaiting direction.

The growth of these huge young potentials has been a factor of the environment, cultures, religion and traditions that has given the people of the hinterland and creeks a false belief of importance in more wives and plenty children, children they cannot provide for, nor train properly and Almajiri’s are children with Parents who hide behind religious cloak and economic hardship to send them away, instead of taking responsibilities.

The Nigerian Government has never been proctive in very important areas, but reknown to offer medicine after death.

I believe that the last populatiion census and global organisation would have predicted the growth of the youthful base, but like always made no plans for that, only for their pockets.

The youths are the future of the country and when they start asking questions, they demand answers and not scolding. They have come of age and they have sang songs of “we are the leaders of tomorrow”.

The incompetence of government and the luxurious life of the elites will only elicit violent reactions from the youthful base.
From failed campaign promises, disastrous budget that is kept secret, fuel subsidy removal, the hypocritic disposition of the ruling party and stiff hardship of the people, is a ticking time bomb with unknown date and time of detonation.

It’ll be wise and proactive for this current administration to start addressing these challenges, while they make policies for the people, these policies should first reflect in their life as government officials, elected or appointed.

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