Monday, 14 November 2016

Some of the Other Things The People of Warri Want.

Every day, we are now being reminded, that Nigeria is a complicated place. At the state and city level, things are not changing amidst the change mantra that vanquished President Goodluck Jonathan from Aso Rock, The challenges of Security, Education, Electricity, Health and Poverty that once plagued the nation is roaring with recession as full time partner.

Irrespective of the primary needs of the Nigerians, here are few other things the people of Warri needs.
Public Health
If there’s one thing almost everyone can agree that Gov. Uduaghan did well at, is the health sector. There were major renovation and upgrade in the health sector, but today, the story is changing into something not so good and the people of Warri hopes that this present administration can nip this to the board immediately. Some of the health workers are not concerned, about the patients as much as what they can take home daily. The people of Warri will want that addressed and hope for a day when we can have a quick response health team, like we do with the police, to cater for emergency situations.

A Convenient and Cheap Waste Disposal System
What stops us from having a clean Warri?
Why do we have dirt on slabs in between major roads?
Why are the quiet road in city, turned into mini dumpsite?
A clean city makes healthy residents. dirt is a big challenge to the city, writing from experience as pioneer of WasteAway Nigeria, if we can have an affordable and professional waste disposal firm, the people will gladly work with them to keep the city clean.
Thumbs up to the already existing waste management firm, but there's a call for professionalism and quality service.

A Place to Relax
The people of the city are in need of a place to relax and cool off, a picnic environment, a place for raw music and poetry, something like freedom hall in Lagos, where people can come and express themselves in music, poetry, drama or dance, live band, karaoke etc. Good news is that Nyimarr is doing something of that nature and the bad news is that it’s once in thirty days.
Busyness equals Business
Last week Friday, I waited for over five minutes to safely cross airport road. Cars where zooming past nonstop. It seemed to me that something was happening at both ends of airport road that people are rushing to see. Busyness is a sign of growth; its part of what the city needs to create more business and give the city an upbeat flair. You may ask how a busy city will bring business to the resident; well ask people that sells stuffs along the road, or along traffic jam.

No more Agbero
Seating inside a keke and thoughts scattered on different things, the driver packed beside the road and signalled a ticket seller, who happily ran to him, he paid three hundred naira for a ticket and I was surprised at the amount and I asked him, do you pay this amount every day? And he said “yes oo, since Vincent Uduaghan became commissioner of transportation, he raised the price to three hundred and he collects one hundred and fifty naira for himself and the other for NURTW." The truth or not, is insignificant to this post. At 12PM every day, you see agberoes standing to check and collect money from defaulting drivers. Three hundred naira for me is way expensive for daily payment.
A new way to do ticketing can be designed and the agbero can be reorganized and branded into something corporate.

Something about the Police
All over Nigerian, the police are not loved and here in Warri the story is not any different. Anytime the police officer or traffic warden breaks down private or public transport, the first thing that gets to the mind of the passengers or driver is “na money dem dey find” this is a critical and non progressive thought pattern and we need both the police officers and the people to work in harmony to change it. Forget the shortcomings, the Police is first line of defense for the people, this should be what comes first to mind when we see the police.

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