Thursday, 3 November 2016

Changing the Narratives.

Warri is not the first city to suffer from an image crisis, Lagos, Chicago, Glasgow, New York etc have at one point in time suffer from this challenge, but against all odds were able to forged an attractive image. Warri is a beautiful city that is suffering from an image crisis, a city that has been in a terrible state of disuse as result of ignorant actions, bad PR, communal clashes etc. If we toll the narratives of the negatives, we’ll have an endless list of reason to pack our bags for other cities, whose grass has been made greener by the efforts of a selected few in a private-public partnership that decided to act.
We are not going to cushion the effects of the past communal clashes, but we cannot also deny that we have enjoyed a relative measure of uninterrupted peace. We can conclude that this negative image has robbed Warri of the following;

i. Socio-economic strength,

ii. Falsely given individuals from the city a terrible first impression until they have a chance to prove otherwise,

iii. Intellectual flight out of the city,

iv. Limited investors and

v. Poor governmental allocations etc

The goal of #newwarri is to birth a new image for our city, create platforms for healthy conversations that will influence healthy habits and present the city to its residents, investors and visitors as a truly resilient, agile, peaceful and economic viable place.

Things are working in the city and until we change the negative narratives about Warri, Residents, investors and visitors won’t see it. They may still be clouded with the former opinion that the media has once shared. If we must succeed, then “we the people” and organisations have to come together and work with a purpose and on purpose through our private platforms, this means that we can count on the hotels in the city to deliver five star services, Superstores to sell quality and affordable products, transport line to be safe and comfortable, bakeries and eateries to deliver delicious pastries and bread, business maintain quality standards, the media houses (Radio and TV stations) must be highly informative and entertaining, restaurants and eateries must deliver good and quality food, protect the pride and infrastructure of the city mall, keep the city informed about other good stuffs and places e.g. other places one can shop, eat and relax outside the mall etc.
It’s on this premise that we will be promoting only what works in the city, celebrating success stories and encouraging growth by profiling what's already working.

It’ll interest you to note that the mall is not the only place you can shop cheap and conveniently, also that there are good quality bakeries, Warri has more than three five star hotels, excellent worship centers spreads across the city, cool hangouts to relax and see upcoming stars do music, dance and spoken word.

Join the movement and let’s change the narratives to a positive and confident one.

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