Friday, 25 November 2016


Action makes us able to see beyond what we could see,
when we're standing still

did you know that there is a specie
of shark that has to swim continually to stay alive

nature practices A. C. T
but often times we as humans ignore it

the moment you get comfortable, you become stagnant,
and time works against anything that is stagnant

the picture that stays too long in a confined place will eventually start to peel off
a plane that's  always on the ground and never takes off,
tends to rust
a book that is not opened in a long while,
will eventually accumulate dust

all of your gifts you must exhaust before your time on earth comes to an halt

That business idea, A. C. T
that expansion idea, A. C. T
that piece you want to write, A. C. T
that dream of yours, A. C. T

I'm not saying that when you ACT,
it's going to be all rosy
sometimes you'll get tired, you'll fall
but no matter how many times, get up
because no one is counting
people only start to notice you when you're up and bouncing
A. C. T, you never know that the lady that you smiled to had thoughts of suicide,
but she second guessed it the moment she saw your cute smile
I'm just trying to illustrate how acting is important because you do not know who you're giving hope

just the other day my kid brother buzzed me,
he said Chizzy, you're such an inspiration,
then he sent me a piece he wrote,
just after he saw my video, KEEP ON

A. C. T
Action creates things
A. C. T
Always communicate tenacity

i hope a soul is lifted,
A mind is set,
A heart is refreshed,

A. C. T
I hope you leave here,
with a commitment to A. C. T!

ChizzySpeaks is from Delta State, Nigeria.
Studying Microbiology,
He's a spoken word artiste,
A Regular at Nyimarr's Spoken word and Loves Warri.

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