Wednesday, 19 October 2016

The Wrist-Watch Specialist in Warri.

“Collins, we could have taken these Watches to Enerhen Junction and the batteries would have been changed for one hundred naira, but they may have likely done more harm than good.”

“Okay?” I said, and my Big brother continued.

“This man is a professional, and he knows what he’s doing, He has been there since my secondary school days, and he‘s still Lord of the Manor. Did you see how meticulous he was? took out the rubber around the wristwatch and cleaned it, he cleaned every corner and used a special pen and dated the battery”
“That’s true sir, I have thought, how a wristwatch repairer has managed to retain and maintain not just a choice location in Warri's Main Market, but also a dignified clientele base?”

“Quality Never Goes out Of Style” is one of Levi Strauss & Co. (an international clothing company, founded in 1853) well known slogans, that has helped shaped Levi's as the number one Jean brand that makes fantastic quality Jean.

Growth can never come from the outside in, Growth or Change comes from the inside out. Your Quality services and products is one sure way we can showcase What works in Warri, and you rendering quality service or product, will automatically positioned you on top the food chain. There’s no fine time, than now for everyone from artist, creatives, sellers of goods and service, preacher men and women to raise the standard of their products or services delivery.

The hashtag #WarriWork is already a trend but one thing about Trends is they come and go, but Quality, on the other hand, is always quality. Quality will naturally attract style, comfort, efficiency and reliability and that's what your customers will enjoy and these is what makes raving fans.
We took two wristwatches to be fixed, but left with one, with no atom of fear for the other, why? The man was honest, calmly explained why and we left waiting to be called when it’s fixed.

When you pay for quality goods or service, there’s a feel good excitement that you get. It’s a terrible feeling when you give your hard-earned money for a product or service and it turns out otherwise.

One way or the other, we are ambassador holding a great stake in the city. Bear in mind that every client or customer wants to invest in a product or service that he or she can use long after the initial payment. When this is achieved, then we can say "It never goes out of style." (Think about that vintage leather belt your Dad gave you.) Over time, they become core, limited edition and classics. And, really, who doesn’t love a classic?

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