Sunday, 9 October 2016

Warri in a Week.

It was Friday, a day before Independence and “Thank God is Friday” mood was already setting in. The city was enveloped in that holiday and festivity aura. Life could not have gotten any better, when the hashtag #WarriWorks started to trend on Twitter.

The events that have happened this past few days has for a surety proved that #WarriWorks. The Train started with Town Hall Meeting Organized by Virtuosity, to Waffest and went to Shaguolo for Shaguolo MakeOver, a tale of City fixers who took responsibility and where willing to bend down and do the work of patching the terrible road and train stopped with the premiere of the movie "I Am The Future". A 100% Warri Movie produced by Timi Pudie.

The #newwarri works when we work, but it will work much better if and when both local and International organizations that have subsidiaries in the city join in the spirit of New Warri by playing their role and if they don't the city is gearing up to make sure they do so, some active citizens are already tweeting at Total Nigeria, FCMB and First Bank Nigeria.

It’s interesting to note that some of the banks in Warri are not up and doing and sad enough First bank Nigeria in the city is one of them. On Thursday last week, not long after I had a fracas with a customer and a cashier for cutting corners, when myself and others are sweating on a terrible queue, I picked my phone to see the highlights on twitter only to see a city fixer Mr. Segun Manuel tweeting about another First Bank staff that insulted him.

Anytime I see queues at the ATM, especially at Diamond Bank Orhuwhorun Junction and at First Bank Udu road, I ask myself what is the difference between Warri and Bomadi? A popular city with no ATM. The sad observation about this conundrum is that, often times there is always more than one machine at the ATM booths, but only one will be working.

Dear Warri Banks please get your ATM staffs active, fix broken machines and ensure that they are regularly loaded, this is all it take to this section of the city working.

Enjoy pictures from the recent city events.

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