Monday, 3 October 2016

Keep On by ChizzySpeaks

Scripture says
Well spoken words brings satisfaction 
I hope to have your attention 
For these words are perfect medication 
To you all, Irrespective of your religion.

Feels like help is far from us
The door is shut on us
We lack a voice
What's our last resort
We give up

Don't you think that's what's best for us
What do we do 
When the brightly lit streets that we envisioned 
Is been breached by dark alleys
And instead of the desired reality
We're plagued with vain imaginations, perverted creations 
Divisions like Palestinian nations 
What's our option in this situation? 

When no one believes in us
How then can we make Warri work
When our positional leaders don't have the right equipment,
but they get the contract 
And when I consider the disparity between the promises and the reality, I be like damn, what a contrast
What do we do when their hammers and nails are worn out?
Do we sit still and watch the remains of our city become nil
Corrupted with bouquet of withered minds 
Coated with shame and disdain 
Do we just hiss at the injustice that we see? 
And mourn our city Warri, do we go to sleep? 
Or do we take a stand?

I do not mean being given a stand like its open mic
But extending our hands, reaching for it and taking it
For only then will we be able to cure this structural ill and procure the good of our posterity.
Are we tired? 
Do we give up or do we KEEP ON? 
Do we just leave, go settle someplace, 
But how would you feel
Knowing you could have made an impact cos you got the right resource, you are enough resource. 
Do we settle for mediocrity and hope someday someone would come help us build our city? 
Neglecting the fact that it's our responsibility, yes it is! 
And we have the ability to excel abundantly

Let me ask you a question
If you buy an iPhone 7, and it gets bad, would you throw it away or would you fix it? 
But if your Nokia torch light gets faulty you could diss it.

You see our reaction won't be the same, for it's all based on the value that we place
How much value do you place on warri?
If your spouse attitude ignites a quarrel, would you prefer to visit a court of law, and issue a divorce? 
Or would you look for a way to resolve the argument? 

Would you rubbish her before friends and family 
Kick at her belongings 
Watch her cry
Watch her bleed

If she falls, faulters, 
Would you despise her?
Or help her to her feet? 
And strengthen her feeble knees.
If she happens to be out of shape 
Would you leave and return to your ex?
Or enroll her for gym classes
Which is best? 
And watch her beauty emerge like the sun when it sets
Like the winner of a beauty contest

Honestly, no city is self healing. 
We all are the physicians of warri 
We all are city builders
The fact that you live here means you're married to Warri
Warri is the bride and you're the groom
Our job is to tend to her needs, else we become infidel
It's your job, it's mine
And no, it's not 9 to 5
It's every time
As long as we're alive
And we will not just survive
We will thrive
We're Co-laborers in this vineyard - Warri is the vineyard
Your job might be to plant the seeds
His might be to water them
Mine might be to tend to the trees
But we all harvest her produce as one big family
So I ask again


ChizzySpeaks is from Delta State, Nigeria.
Studying Microbiology,
He's a spoken word artiste,
A Regular at Nyimarr's Spoken word and Loves Warri.

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