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Why My Mama go Fry Potato, Yam and Fish for Road?

Nor be sumall arguement happen for my familee. Wetin cos d wahala? My Mama wake up one morning come tuk sey she wan dey sell fry fish, yam and potato for front of her store.

Mummy U sey wetin? E belike sey na robot kontrol her four children wey dey arand her wen she make d statement, bcox dem all turn their neck dsame tym and korus d “Mummy you say wetin?”

For wetin? Mummy why U go tuk sey U wan fry Akara? I nor won fry akara, na Yam, Fish and Potato i wan fry, d kind won wey ur Papa broda wife dey fry and sell b4 Exco supa-store. Em’ whatever, we nor gree. Wich kain moni u dey find?

But why una nor want me to fry? my Mama kwayetly asked. Mummy we nor gree abeg, wich kain tuk be dat.

None of my Mama children support her for dis venture and nobody gree tuk why? My Mama jux ignore us and kwayetly dey karri on wit her plan to augment her source of income wit frying of yam, potato and fish.

After a while, one early morning, my yunga sista call me, for phone, “broda Mummy won start d frying business na oo, she don go carri igaga wey welda make 4 her”. “Okay my dear, i don hear yhu, i dey com tuk to her.

Only mi cum sidon & tink abat d whole mata, bet why i nor wan make my Mama fry fish and yam? Why my Mama go fry akara for dis road, Wen dem know her as Chief wife, only her get four graduates, Wetin she want make pipo tuk? Sey suffer dey fire our family now? Abi she wan turn our family to pipo wey area go dey laff and pity?
As i dey tink d mata, i realize sey i nor get ani beta reason not to support my Mama oda dan d following peti reasons.

1. Chief Wife
Inside evribodi head, we dey more special dan d oda persin, and we all don put awasef for wan kain place wey nobody reach.

How Chief wife go dey fry fish and yam for road, which kain chief bi dat? Status problem dey very visible for awa-countiree, na d reason some of us nor gree do some kain work for Warri, bet wen we travel abroad or outside the city, we go dey do d work wey worse passam dem, Na d illusion of status naim make some girls go tell their age mate, U nor know ur klass? Me and U nor dey dsame katigori. Dis unnecessary self imposed klass system don push pipo to dey do anyhow tins wey dem go regret for d near future, bcox some girls, d only tin wey dem get na their beauty, no brain, no handwork, respect or karactar, jux beauty. Dat na why she fit slip wit her Papa age mate, get up to Mugu 16 as boifriend, jump frum klub to klub, just to kip up wit an unnecessary status wey nor get reward. D boiz nor commot for dis sad tin, Yahoo, Yahoo plus, agbero, football betting or bcom homila, naim boiz dey tink. Nobody wan do the ordinary simple tins wey go bring moni. As a girl u nor go school, u nor get handiwork, but u dey dress fine, na tief or ashawo you dey turn urself into. The boiz own be say, even d once wey don graduate nor go gree do some kain Job, bcox their level pass dat one, but their level nor pass to beg.

2.  Only her get four graduates.
Only her get four graduates and some don dey work dey send her moni, wetin she wan take moni do?

This mindset jabarata for awee countiree, an unhealthy sense of entitlement mentality. Bcox sey my Mama get graduate children wey dey give her moni, make she nor get her own? Na so a whole lot of us be, we dey plan awasef or put hope for anoda man resources. You go see matured man still dey hin Mama and Papa house, dey chop, dey fat even dey give girl belle and born inside hin Mama house, some dey wait d day wey their parents go die to take over or bcom, Landlord, if God wan punish those kain persin, their parents go live 180yrs.

My Mama wants her own moni and more, she nor wan put hope for only her children, if d children nor dey nkor, so she nor go horzo? Since i be sumall pikin, my Mama na horzola and dat tin still dey her blood. Awa-city for don go far if we get d kain entrepreneurial spirit wey many of awa parents get.

3. Wetin Pipo Go Tuk?
Mani times for dis awa obodo, we too dey consign awasef wit wetin pipo go tuk. Pipo go always be Pipo and na tru tuk u go no say persin dey exist.

Weda u do gud or bad, Pipo go tuk, so d best be say, just dey do ur sumall biznex jejely and ignore wetin pipo go tuk. If U kontinew dey tink abat Pipo, u nor go achieve anitin atall.

Some of us dey area wey some kain local biznex nor dey, bet we nor wan gree drop awa ova size pride and start d biznex bcox of wetin Pipo go tuk. If nobody dey sell indomie or suya for nyt, for ur area why U nor fit start am? Dem tuk sey na only hawusa Pipo dey do dat kain biznex? or roast plantain for ur area, or fry akara, beans and akamu, see all dis kain biznex wey pipo dey luk troway face, get beta moni. Look arand ur area and tink of wetin pipo nid for dat area, no mata d kain biznex startam. New Warri nor bi for prideful Pipo or yanga and shakara Pipo, New Warri na for both d yung and d old Pipo wey readi to roll up their sleeve and do d hard work.

Pipo go always, tuk, allow dem to tuk and kall U names, bet jux maintain ur local and legal biznex dey go, nor worry, wen dem go come buy kredit, nor sell for dem.

Make i end for here, bet b4 i go, make i finish with my Mama torii, anyways, she come start her biznex, My two yunga ones wey disagree, nor get choice bet to join her for d biznex wey dem see crowd cum gada arand my Mama to buy her fried fish, yam and potato.

Thank you for the time spent in reading in pidgin, if you don’t mind please leave a comment, so we know what you think and how we can achieve our #newwarri.

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