Thursday, 29 September 2016

The Fault in Our Independence.

I do not know how we got here, but I'd know we've done a great Job to make excuses our default state. I have tried to imagine Nigeria on that Saturday, the first of October, 1960 that we became an Independent Nation. The faces of our nationalist that fought for Independence, the anguish on the faces of those that resisted it.

If the antagonist and protagonist of our independence where alive today, and witnessing these madness, they’d be asking themselves where did we go wrong, was it our fault that Nigeria is here today? If they are seeing Nigeria from the great beyond will they be antagonizing each other or sympathize together? 
The amalgamation of Nigeria was a political convenience for our imperial masters, and so they embraced whatever pre-colonial systems or individuals that brought administrative respite and the few that did? They empowered and favored, and by doing so, sowed acrimonious, tribalist entitlement and power drunk seeds.

It’s a stunning irony that a 56 year old with every of God blessings from natural to human opportunities is crawling when he’s supposed to be flying, Why? because He keep making excuses when he should be setting examples. President Shehu Shagari’s administration, had excuses, IBB had excuses to annul June 12, OBJ administration was nascent democracy and PMB is PDP this, GEJ that. One government comes and zigs and the one that replaces it zags. History books has proved there's always a reason why things can't work right now or later.

We hear lamentations of God help us in this country but we hang American flags inside our cars and enjoy English football and even bet on them, but when it comes down to the little details that makes growth possible we cringe and make excuses that “American independence is 200 years old, the British colonized us. I do not ask to be them, but can't we produce the fraction of the years they have live as we have? We have survived both bloody and bloodless coups and we were immune against the Arab spring, but the wounds of civil war is yet to heal as it still dictates policies and actions of the various geopolitical zones.
Excuse is not our default state, our heroes past had tons of excuses that could have prevented them from fighting for independence.

Maybe after Independence, if there was no reason to allow the faulty amalgamation continue, but severe it and go our separate ways, we wouldn't be a 56 year old man still crawling.

Maybe we should have not have allowed the imperialist to leave, because we are above forty and you know what they say “a fool at forty?, ...”.

Maybe’s if we knew better, then we would not have fought the civil war that took lives, crippled the economy and divided us more.

The maybe’s can rival our excuses, the faults in our independence is not fatal and excuse is not our default state let’s alter the fault, stop the blame game and quest after perfection in all endeavors.

Happy Independence From all of us at NewWarri.

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