Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Downside of Religion in Warri

Religion is never the problem; it’s the people using it to gain power.  We can correctly say that Warri has not really suffered from religious crisis, but we have felt the brunt of religious blunders.

The truth is religion has been a political tool in the hands of rulers, and reality today is that it has become a vehicle for violence, deception and wickedness. We cannot in one article deal with all the religious baggage evident in our society, because of the influence from various geopolitical zones and the consistent change in human nature, however, we can highlight a few downside of religion in our city Warri.
1. Ignorance 
Ignorance is the most visible downside of religion in our city. Sermons are taught every Sunday and Friday in worship centers, but daily we find people doing dumb things. This us further complicated when, in their ignorance they defend their actions. The ignorance of religious devotees manifest in their business life, Marital life and I wonder what are they being taught or are they wrongly assimilating? You need a space suit to survive in Mars, so also do you need life principles, to live right in a physical world. Don't come with the blah blah, spiritual controls the physical, I'm well aware of that, the doctrine of eating without working is antagonistic to God himself. Life is dynamic and so should religion adjust and teach sermons that can help the people adjust to life changes. It's inhumane for a grown up man to go around hawking tea and with boy behind him, or travel thousands of miles away from his home and walk around Warri doing petty cobbler, neither is fair on our parents still feeding a 30 year old at home and everyday blame the government for lack of job.
2. Immorality
In our first piece, (here's a link to it research showed that less than 10% of Nigerian is not Muslim or Christian, that means 90% of Nigerians are either Christians or Muslim, but why do we still have broken homes, prostitutes, beggars, robbers, corporate thieves, Baby fathers and mothers, Ritualist, Yahoo boys etc. masquerading as the real deal and the envy of many. Religious houses are not explicitly teaching immorality, but they are certainly condoning and encouraging it, by covertly celebrating it. If our religious houses will speak with one voice on these issues and put aside their selfish interest, maybe then religion will be fulfilling it true purpose. This is not saying that there are no genuinely honest religious leaders who has not exhibited selfless attitudes, they may never be religious poster persons but they are what we need.
3. Cover Up.
Religious houses in the city, has unconsciously developed a habit to cover up issues that needs exposure to light and public. For example only a few religious parents discuss sex or entrepreneurship with their children.
Our educational curriculum has nothing like sex education or entrepreneurship, without guidance, they may be burned in the process of experimenting. Being a religious devotee does not take away your appetite for money, food or sex, instead of teaching the "how" to handle these challenges, they are covered up with fallacious doctrines. You cannot spiritualize your desires neither can you wash it off. They'll always be part of you and cannot be covered up.
4. Disunity
This is not just about Christian vs Muslim. This is the implication of the disunity born out the slight uniqueness in the different faction of religion. From Shiite or sunni Muslim to Pentecostal, Catholic or Methodist Christians.
There was an exodus of our Muslim brothers from the city, During the last election, for fear of attack. These threats cannot be ignored, Mob justice is a volatile threat that was almost ravaging the city. Religious tolerance is a necessity. 
If we can achieve unity between the separate religious factions, then we can hope to see the possibility of the city two religious pillar working unanimously.

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