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#ReligiousWarri : 5 Benefits of Religion to Warri.

Last week we started a discussion about religion in Warri, we tried to determine the history of religion in Warri and Nigeria at large. If you’ve not seen it, please can do so here,

Religion is one of the largest economic forces in Nigeria and also the source of deep and delicate issue in Nigeria, but that’s for another day. There’s a lot to religion in the city, than just issues of morality, discipline, abortion etc

Churches and Mosques have always been important institutions in major cities across the country, because through it, both tangible and intangible investments has been made in the city.

1. Relief and Social Services.
Religious institutions are heavily involved in delivering relief and other social service activities in the city, and this has helped to reduce some burden.E.g. Giving of alms, Mother of Redeemer orphanage home, even Urhobo college and Our ladies high school are products of Christianity. Irrespective of your opinion, if anyone though his or her faith gives any assistance however small, that assistance is worthy of commendation.

2. Base for Morality
We cannot deny that religion has been one of the convenient foundation for establishing morality, that helps to strengthen a form of social order in the city. Religion has helped to provide convenient answers to questions asked by the city, therefore quelling fears and providing reassurance for the living. The British imperialist used religion, to enslave us by consciously teaching messages of obedience, as against freedom, But it goes beyond that, it has helped to establish and create a common ground within a society. To clarify and give the people a sense of unity, for example, the catholic and Knighthood, and therefore perhaps there is more friendliness among them.
Religion has failed in ensuring that the moral codes, she teaches are not broken in governmental spaces, where it’s supposed to benefit all.

3. A Support System
Religion has acts as support system in the city, both in time of grief and celebration. Church member keeping you company or travelling to distance with you to be around and support you.
Religion has served as the last resort of men who has faith in God, when they are backed at a corner.

4. Keeps you in shape.
Religion has indirectly helped in keeping the city in shape, for example sermons that condemn gluttony and encourage exercises, or free medical check up and eye glasses.
Secondly, the christian religion frowns against gluttony, smoking, alcohol and womanizing, when obeyed it can increase the life span of it's members.

5. Education
One of the greatest achievements of religion in Warri is education. Religion brought schools and higher educations. There may be valid debates about the stories in our religious text whether they are myths or true but we must realize, that these religious texts is quite meaningful and valuable, depending on how you look at it. What they represent, what they mean, has a great meaning that deep moral lessons can be learned from.

Religion may be among the coolest things in Warri, but it has it’s challenges and next week we’ll explore a few of them.

We'll like to hear what you think about religion in Warri.

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