Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Rain, Rain Go Away.

Rain, Rain go away,
Come again another day,
A little jolly wants to play.

This song was it, during the rain when we want to play and rain tries to ruin it for us.
As child i love to play in the rain. It feels nice to have the chilling droplet land on your body, sometimes i open my mouth to taste the drops as it hits my tongues.
I won’t forget the day, small ice cubes fell as rain, in Warri, i was a kid and i enjoyed every moment of it, the ice made no cracking sound, but melted as soon as it entered my mouth.

The downside of playing in the rain, is that when i get home, i become shaky, frozen and cold. Mother will yell at me, as she angrily creams my body with hot ointment, (Aboniki or Robb) and force paracetamol down my throats and wrap me in swaddling clothes for warmth and thereafter restrict movement for the day, before being grounded.

I am not a kid anymore, but i woke today and sang this old rhyme. The flood situation in the city is alarming. When it rains, it floods. Floods has grave consequences on our city, from blocking routes of communication to destruction of infrastructures, crops, slowing down of economic activities. Imagine the condition for people living in zinc houses or slum. The flood  increase in mosquitoes, wet bed, excuse to freely consume ogogoro etc. The city is a mess, This is not #newwarri, but this is where we are.

Story of the flood today did not only flood our streets, but also our social media wall, with many, pointing fingers. The search for someone to blame is always successful, sadly it yields no profits. Should we embark on that old journey or keep failing in fixing the city till we get it right? Government cannot be the New Warri, we are the New Warri. We cannot continue the blame game when we can actually do something.
How? you maybe asking silently, Are we going to stop the rain from falling? No my dear, we don’t have that power, but we can help reduce the effect of consistent rainfalls in our city by doing the following.

1.  Come Out to Work On Environmental Sanitation Saturday.
We have to roll up our sleeves and get to work to make the city flood free. Obstructed water leads to flooding. The gutters in the city are not enough, but they certainly can help fight the flood. At the moment they are not as effective as they should be because they are clogged with dirt and debris. We should all come out to help clear our gutters and allow water run freely on the trenches.

2.  Education
It’s our responsibility to educate friends, families and communities about the challenge the city is experiencing. Education is therefore very important, to inform and caution people about the dangers of floods, and what causes floods, and what can be done to minimize it’s impact. The education should focus on :
A.  The dangers of throwing dirts into gutters.
B.  Advantages of high land and low lands, when leasing apartments or purchasing lands.
C.  Government announcements concerning climate changes.

3.  Stop Littering and Indiscriminate Dumping of refuse.
It is completely wrong to indiscriminately dump refuse, or be throwing used bags or cans from windows of a moving vehicle. These thrash takes time to decompose. It is also our responsibility to stop anyone we see engaging in indiscriminate acts of littering and dumping.

4.  Build Barricades.
As residents of an area affected by floods, we should build or construct obstructions or barrier to water. E.g. Build fence in specific areas or packing of sands into bag and making heaps of it along the access to the flood water.

5.  Plant Vegetation.
Trees, shrubs and grasses can help protect our land from erosion. Let us plant trees, flowers, because they can help can reduce flooding.

We do not need much of governmental influence. Join New Warri to sing the "Rain, Rain go away", together we can build the New Warri.

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