Tuesday, 16 August 2016

#PoemTuesday: AFROCENTIC By Faithful Poet

Take us to that place

oh sweet mother we sought your grace
to Africa were we won't need to hide our innocence
or someone won't scream at our presence.

Take us to the core
to the pinnacle of our tragic fall
show us the source of our flaw
yes, that point were we neglected our masters call.

Take me to Africa
where the hair are shaggy and firm
take me to Africa
were the skin is black and the muscles firm.

Take me to were freedom fought
to were tears, blood and broken chains for freedom do bought
to that plain Sahara when out fathers taste and water do sought
that savannah grass land oh Africa its you i sought.

Take me to were the stiff west wind swept the desert
to were the pale ones wrestle with the desert storm but life they desert
the land upon which the whites stumble
at whose sight our elders grumble.

Yes mother, take us to our mother land
where with everyone we can shake our hand
were we will not be mocked and called ape
by these pale ones and their wide gape.

Take us to were the mangroves flows like our blood stream
to that land upon which we dream
to that land that grows our chocolate cream.
Take us to AFRICA.

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