Friday, 5 August 2016

Night Life In Warri

The Buzz at Enerhen junction every evening always fascinates me. Keke drivers, Bus drivers and private cars bustling to find space to move ahead or carry passengers. It's a beautiful sight to me, however ambiguous it appeared. Watching it again thoughts popped into my head, the city is alive, then all of that beauty faded. when i realized that the rush was because nobody wants to be outside, everyone wants to get home in good time. The city is terrified of the night. The night has grown into a hideous monster.

There used to be a spot called Papa Sugar along Warri Sapele road, almost opposite Deco junction after the dock yard. Papa Sugar starts preparation for business everyday from 4:30 -5:00PM and opens for business from 6:00PM everyday. Papa Sugar is more or less a bar or drinking spot, his freezer is attached and chained to the fence along the road.
Almost all the time i passed Papa Sugar, customers are either seated drinking and chatting away, standing or getting ready to be seated. There is no shortage of customers and good music was always blazing and the area bubbling.

Like SPDC, from which Oil servicing firm survived by providing specialized services, Papa Sugar also had such. Food vendors, recharge card sellers, bike men, hookers etc where always around to service Papa Sugar regular customers.  Just like SPDC, Papa Sugar is no more including the service providers.

The #NightLifeInWarri is nothing to be excited about, I doubt if the two cinema in Warri have movies that shows till 10PM. I can not remember the last time i heard words like nocturnal or night-crawler. From 9:PM, the city goes to sleep.
Papa Sugar is not the symbol of Night Life In Warri, there are other Night centres that are still thriving and striving but the Oil city has lost is night flavour.

The big question is, what took away the Night Life In Warri?
Lack of Oil compnies?
Government policies? E.g. No keke from 10:00PM
Security challenges?
No money?
Let’s talk about the challenges of the city, the lost of our #NightLifeInWarri is a symptom of the challenges that plagues the city.

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