Tuesday, 9 August 2016


The art of writing started when men first started carving on stones and walls symbols and diagrams to mark, remember and pass down history.

The movies Da Vinci code and Game of thrones reminds me of the progress books has made. It was almost impossible to move the stones around and so books were written in skins, vellum or parchment, with wood as cover page so the information can be carried around. Today, books are almost leaving hard copies into electronic media in both written and audio format, which is making it easier to carry and read.

Every August 9th is set aside to celebrate Book lovers. It’s a day for all those who love to read. National Book Lovers Day encourages you to find your favorite book and re-read, contact your favorite book author, buy a book, teach something you’ve learnt from a book, visit any of the two libraries in warri and give a book etc.
Show your love for information and knowledge which of course is derived from books.

Happy #NationalBookLoverDay from all of Us at #newwarri

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