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#MondayPills : Know Know!

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Welcome to a new week in August, it is your week of… (fill in the blank space). Life is whatever you name it to be for you, so give the right names to what you want to see emerge right with right results. In every circle there always exist a nerd, someone we call ITk (acronym for I Too Know) and if you don’t have one in your circle then your group is a straight line going nowhere…run for your life. Those who know too much can be a burden on one hand as their attitude may ‘piss-you-off’ because they become nosy or simply because you can’t stand they are more intelligent than you. On the other hand, they are an asset but you may wonder if they know so much why have they not done so much?

It is one thing to know, yet another to understand what you know so as to effectively apply that knowledge profitably.  Before I buttress this point, I want to visit the idea on knowing a bit. Do people really know or do they think they know? Most of us walk with an inflamed mindset, full of gathered information but lacking knowledge. The fact that you have a car doesn’t mean you know how to drive a car. Have you really used all the apps on your android phone? Are you maximizing your phone or just using it for selfies, facebook chat and what have you? If you know the true potential of your mobile phone you may never be broke again. Assumption is a foundation for frustration. Don’t just think you know a thing, confirm you do by sharing that knowledge or applying it. Imagine if everyone in Warri uses 20% of what they know can work, the effect will be mind-blowing. Inasmuch as new information pops up here and there, if only we can work with what we’ve known, we will surprise ourselves with amazing results.

Acquiring more knowledge isn’t a pressing need as understanding & applying current knowledge. Only when you actively utilize what you know that knowing more becomes a meaningful desire but there is a challenge with getting to know at first. The inflamed mindset; it never learns yet it wants to command respect. There is the story of the woodpecker we were told as children, of all birds, her house is up-side-down. Mother bird gathered all birds to teach them how to weave their nests, as she started the woodpecker interrupted saying, “oh, I know how this works”, she left the class and went on a blind adventure. She got stuck and rushed back to class and asked, “mother bird, you were saying if I…” and mother bird replied, “if only you had listened like others but this is what you have to do, hold the first straw with your beak, then hold it down with your left foot so you can…” the woodpecker interrupts again “oh I see, now I know” and flies away. When she came back stuck again the class has ended. She saw the notice to return the next day with their nests. The next morning all birds gathered to show how good they did, the woodpecker flew in with pride just to be the ridicule of the day with her nest up-side-down. She had an inflamed mindset, she wouldn’t listen yet wants to learn.

Knowledge isn’t displayed with a loud voice but an obvious unavoidable result. One way Warri can work is if we all discard our ideologies that hasn’t produced what we desire for our city no matter how emotionally exciting the memories are, unlearn what we think we know and humbly open our mind to learn what we need and can implement. The man who knows isn’t too proud to admit he never knew. Only those who ask for help get help more so those who patiently seek to learn attract help. So ask yourself, what do you know and how has it helped you and your environment. If no positive impact that is scalable in any way, then that knowledge could just be a burden to your growth and Warri at large. Put this in mind, if all you know is just to make you rich without any benefit to your community then you are a poor mind. Some people are so poor that all they have is money. What do you know and what is the value of your knowledge? Don’t parade your pride, parade your results…learn, grow and deliver your greatness.

When people call you know know, let it not be because you poke your nose into matters that aren’t your concern or that you are seen everywhere doing everything but that you are a resource that inspires their growth and brightens your community. Let it be that your presence is of great essence to your environment. If the local government or any organization needs someone to solve a particular problem, will they have to outsource it to others or they will consult you? Warri, arise, show forth the beauty of what you know in what you do, let what you know show in the growth of our dear city. Let what you know inspire others, let what you know attract the right responses, let what you know take us from “Warri no de carry last” to “Warri don de carry first”. If all people see is ‘gbege’, gbege is all we know but I am certain we know better.

Finally, when I see flashy cars and magnificent buildings on a terrible street with Olympic size swimming pool as potholes, I wonder how rich we really are that we stay in poor conditions. If we know how to build selfishly, we don’t know what development truly is. It is useless to travel abroad and come home bragging about how better they are when you do nothing to make your environment better. It’s not just the government but a people who know what to do makes the government work. So I challenge you this week, make tangible what you know to prove that #WarriWorks. Add in anyway with what you know towards building a better Warri. Challenge those in your circle to be proof-producers with what they know. I see a #NewWarri

ChunuTejiri Jerry fondly called UnusualTeajay is an Ideas Developer, Brand Strategist & Social Entrepreneur with over 15years focus on Teenage Development.  He has a global passion that seeks the mental awakening and value re-orientation of young Africans. He serves as the Creative Director at Dotbob Creative Services and Team Head at IMAGINIT Media Resources, initiators of #iStepUpAfrica, #DecemberCookOut #TeenNation #N100Challenge and other social projects which won him an award as one of Africa’s Emerging Leaders. He currently is the Programs Manager for reading House Africa, a member of Nigeria Economic Summit Group Youth Initiative & Commonwealth Youth Council Nigeria Team.

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