Friday, 29 July 2016


I am not a fan of the popular weekend anthem TGIF (Thank God is Friday), because of the plenty party that accompanies weekends and i rarely enjoy myself at these parties.

Almost every weekend Nigerians spend their resources prodigally through parties. Any ceremony, whether it’s a wedding reception or traditional marriage, birthdays or burial, we are in a competion with no prize to out do ourselves or neighbor's last party.

One thing i know about my city #Warri is that we are happy people, and often times this happiness comes alive when we are partying. We don’ have a song yet, like Lagos Party, but trust me, HOW (Humans of Warri) can make a party out of anything and still enjoy themselves.

Some people enjoy parties, and they do so, because they have mastered some secrets to the art of partying.

Here’s a few of them.

1. Know somebody in the Party
This may seem awkward, how will you go to a party that you don’t know anyone, who invited you? Newsflash just like we have gate crashers in job interviews we also have party crashers.

Okay you were invited, but it’s not every party that you are invited to that you enjoy or treated like a guest, and often times we pretend to act matured and say, “Na so Party dey be, you nor go fit please everybody, Some people, go chop and drink and some nor go see chair seat down sef”, if you cannot cater for all your guest then don’t invite all of them, unless if the motive is to be sprayed. So here’s secret number one, call ahead somebody you know will be incharge of something in the party and tell him you are coming, so when you arrive, you become his or her responsibilities on all the possible goodies in the parry.

2. Dress to Slay or Gorgeously
If you’re going for a Warri party dress very well, even if you were unable to afford the asoebi.
If you are lady, look to slay, walk confidently in your high heels or bata and don’t leave your face without makeup.

This is the time to release your sosorobia (perfume) on your best cloth. It works even in parries, you are addressed the way you are dressed.

3. Be Ready to Spray
I attended a wedding reception in Portharcourt and i was surprised that the only people on the dance floor spraying money are those that came with the groom from #Warri. It was after the ceremony that the groom was saying, “Portharcourt people nor sabi spray ooO, but dem go buy you gift.” So if you desire to enjoy yourself in any party, ensure you have your change ready for spraying from your house or change at the party from money changers or people picking money.

To make it more awesome, spray the MC or music band and tell them your name. You might just steal the show from the celebrants, especially if your pocket full and you ready blow all of it.

Caution : nor spray finish come go drink garri for house ooO, because often times this people are assumed Big boys and may not even collect the food or gifts meant for them.

4. Go with somebody
Parties are best enjoyed with buddies, especially drinking pals. You need a friend that you can be discussing with incase you came early, while you wait or a buddy that you may just be forming idle conversations with him, incase you came late and you are trying to maneuvre your way to get a seat.

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