Tuesday, 7 June 2016

WARRI WEEKLY VOL 5: 8 Ways To Reduce Traffic In Warri (Part Two)

Last week, I started sharing on ways to reduce traffic jam in the city, and four out of the eight ways was shared, today i will continue with part two.

5. Pull Over Completely If You Have A Problem.

One of thing i have come to notice on our roads is drivers trying to fix their cars on the road when they notice it’s breaking down. A flat tire can do terrible damage to the rest of your car if you attempt to continue driving on it, and almost any car trouble is made worse by allowing the engine to run until it actually breaks down and quits. Pull over completely, stop your car, then try to ascertain the issue. if it’s beyond you, call for help.

6. Avoid other activities when driving.

There will always be the temptation to talk on the phone, text, put make-up on, or read the newspaper even if traffic is moving very slowly. Texting or reading, or doing other things that require your attention is inconsiderate to other drivers who must then either honk to bring you back to reality to the world, or wait until you wake on your own. The idea is to remain alert enough to keep traffic flow moving as best it can. Try also not to stop and be greeting friends or relatives while on the road. Mediocre citizen see it as a way of showing off their irresponsibility in the city.

7. Don't React To Aggressive Or Rude Behaviors Of Others.

Some people can get on your nerve, but reacting by slamming on your brakes just as you get in front of them, or by attempting to cut them off to repay them for cutting you off will just make things worse for everyone. Don't give anyone a reason to rack you up, If you can fashion some sort of sign for "I'm sorry," do it. whether you did anything wrong or not. There's no matter of principle to uphold, and it's not a race, you just want to get home.

8. Use a GPS or Traffic.

Technology has simplified the way we live our lives, it’s obvious that transporters may not appreciate having a piece of technology like google map or street view as work assistant, but it’ll be encouraging for we who knows better to have this apps in our phones, they can assist in navigation. Public transporters use it a lot in Europe, soon it will filter here.

In conclusion i’ll enjoin us to be different on the road and be the better man and don’t react aggressively to other drivers, remember we are in a journey for a New Warri.

Thank you for your time.

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