Saturday, 4 June 2016


I stare at you in silence
Not uttering a simple sentence 
But the affection is so intense 
As cute as you looked on your pence. 

Guess how much I love you 
As much as I love my mums stew 
As much smile you wear on your face 
As much as you like to pray for grace. 

Guess how much I want you 
As much as many dew upon the mountain 
As Much molecule of water in a fountain 
As much as you want air on your nostrils. 

Guess how much I will keep you 
As much as I want my breath to last 
As much as upon success I wish to bask 
As much as eternity is upon your heart. 

Guess much I love you 
As much sparkles 
You give me 
When I hug you. 

Guess how much you're special 
As much as the sweet names I call you 
As much times 
I touch your nose 
As much as a say I LOVE YOU.

(c) Edoja faith
d faithful poet.

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