Saturday, 28 May 2016


We can all agree that the city needs to change, and this is the time for a New Warri. Things are not done rightly, things has left the way they were for the worse, there was a way and there’s a new, better and innovative way for our city.

You, me is already in a war with them for the soul of the city, for the name of the city, the life and survival of the city. Wars do not win themselves, People do. Nothing is won so long as we have enemies, known and unknown and it is our responsibility to enforce this changes in every and anyway possible.

We are the good guys for the city, and there’s a them, whether we see them together or not, they already have a conspiracy in play. We say and claimed we are better, and we know better, so it’s high time we “act better”. The change starts from us being better parents raising children right, better neighbors, better brothers, husband, wife, mother, sister and friends.

This is not a time for you and me to fight each other on simple or hard issues. The more we bleed each other, the weaker we shall all be and when the real enemy falls upon us, we may lose the battle.

You may want to ask me at this point who are the enemies? The enemies is me, We who have failed to speak up when we should, encouraged the bus driver to give the police man a tip because you are in a hurry, who has cut corners when you should have stayed on the queue, who has broken traffic laws because there was no police or traffic officer on the road, you and me who needs to be told or pushed before i can do the right thing we are supposed to do, using swearwords when it should be loving or encouraging, the list is endless, but the point is we have all been guilty one way or the other and we soothe ourselves with statements like “Na me startam” “Nor be me kill Jesus Christ” “Who he elp” etc.

This is the time to hatch a new egg together. If you claim you know better, do and be better.

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