Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Standing at the overflow stretching to complement the clear audible, juicy poetic words and serenading music with a pretty view of the stage inside the hall, two guys walked behind me and with a bigger viewing challenge. Sad that they are not getting any better luck spoke out in frustration.

“Y dem use dis place sef, e too small 4 dis kind korrect thin”

I turned around, not because we were in thesame conundrum, but because of the sincerity in their frustration from people who came to genuinely enjoy their evening in something new, fresh and not only enlightening but revolutionary. My curious mind popped a question in my head “How can they ask for something they have not tasted before?” People may not know the things they want until they are offered those things, Stories n Harmony is one perfect example.

Prior to Stories n Harmonies, there were naysayers from within and outside the city.
“Hello, dis kain thin nor go work for Warri”
“this kind thin for Warri?”
“Abeg nor waste your money”
“Nobody go come” and so on, But hey, like the slogan goes, “#WarriWorks” and in so, so many ways beyond comprehension.

It was “a very fine evening” the first of it’s kind in the city. The evening was heterogeneously designed for the heterogeneous people of the city. The Chief Host, Mr. Oreva Akakasi, was fantastically dressed by NaruStitches on the evening. He did an excellent job emceeing the event, worked tirelessly with his amazing team of Eight from the start of planning to execution, to attracting amazing sponsors, like Etalon studios, SaltCity church, Doxa Creative Concept, AFE studios, Omarated innovations, etc.

The lightning, props and stage setting was unique. Stacks of books arranged on the stage, with a unique platform that was at both ends shared by the drummer, keyboardist, and saxophonist. The beautiful work of Arts, e.g. Painting and drawings that were strategically hanged around the hall did not only elevate the aesthetic value of the hall but also pumped up the creative ambiance that was already oozing all around the hall.

Nothing beats good Jazz Music and the Artists of the evening e.g. GeePraiz, De Barry's entertainment, Revelations, Trimus, Emma Passion etc thrilled the happy audience with good music.

The lead Pastor of SaltCity, Pst. Tobore A. gave a powerful speech rallying for more Creativity, Originality, Sophistication, Hard work and Togetherness in the city, only then can the true aim of the evening have a ripple effect.

The poets and lyricists from Chizzy, to faithful Poet Edoja, Eric Johnson the Gospel Bragger, Anita and Bard Malik Obinna, reminded the satisfied audience that there’s abundance of talents here.

"If you must go fast, go alone, but if you must go far, go with others" was the quote the chief host used in welcoming and appreciating his amazing team members. Solomon Abe, Tobore Ejoma, Stephen Yamah, Victory Lelekumo, Omabuwa Abulu, GeePraiz & Chidi Dannyson. The team is an embodiment of the Warri that works. Young, Married and Responsible Creatives.

The highlight of the evening was when the host introduced is family, a daughter, a son and a beautiful wife.

Enjoy photographs from the evening.

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  1. So so nice..... enjoyed myself!

  2. #WarriWorks an awesome event! Was really great....

  3. Great work. Marvellous. #OneOfAKind. I await greater editions of this and a fuller house and greater number of supporters and partners. Great vision.

  4. It was a great evening. Never seen this kind in warri. #warriworks